Steal Pierce Brosnan's Secret Trick for Aging Gracefully

Thankfully, it's not rocket science.

Pierce Brosnan is 64 years old, but he's every bit as handsome and debonair as he was when he first graced the screen as James Bond in the 1995 film, Goldeneye.

Recently, Brosnan sat down with the folks at GQ to talk about his role on the second season of the AMC Western The Son, where he plays a charismatic Texas rancher in a sweeping family saga based on Philipp Meyer's bestselling novel of the same name.

Brosnan's sports a bushy, salt-and-pepper beard for the part, which he makes fun of ("I'm really thinking when they come 'round to Harry Potter number eight, I shall be Dumbledore"), but there's no question that it simply adds to his silver fox appeal.

Like Jane Fonda, Brosnan can credit his approach to life for how incredibly vital he looks in his twilight years (after, studies have found that a positive attitude is one of the personality traits that leads to longevity).

In speaking about raising children and grandchildren in today's turbulent times, he admits that there's a fair amount of rancor that goes along with the digital age, but says that, "all of that angst and anxiety, it is so beautiful."

He has also made peace with the tragedies that have befallen him. Brosnan lost his wife of 14 years, Cassandra Harris, to cancer in 1991. In 2013, he lost their daughter, Charlotte, to the same illness that claimed his mother's life. Despite these terrible tragedies, Brosnan does not strike someone as a man hardened by grief, because he has accepted that sorrow comes with the package.

"I think I've found good faith in my life, and good faith in myself. You just have to be… You have to have good faith. You're going to suffer one way or the other. You're going to…It's truly unavoidable, and so you just have to know that the days will get better, and you just have to endure whatever pain as been given to you. And then put it down and try and do good things."

When asked whether or not he has any advice for people who want to age as well as him, he gave the following suggestion:

"Oh, just love and work. Work and love. That's all it is, really. Be grateful that you have a partnership, or a friendship, or a few friends. And just get on with life. I don't know any other way." To get more words of wisdom from your favorite leading men, check out Dennis Quaid's 5 Ageless Body Secrets.

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