Steal A-Rod and J-Lo's Killer Couples Workout

These are some relationship goals definitely worth aspiring to.

Jennifer Lopez, 48, and Alex Rodriguez, 42, are fit, fabulous, and fiercely in love. And one of the many pieces of relationship advice these lovebirds have is how crucial it is to have a lot in common and to do things you both enjoy together.

Judging by both of their Instagram pages, one of their favorite things to do together is work out. Which, according to a growing body of research, is probably what they can thank for their incredible physiques and their unbreakable bond.

"When a couple works out together, the actual exercise itself can physically and emotionally have a positive impact," marriage and relationship psychotherapist Dr. Jane Greer told YouBeauty. "Both partners come away with feelings of synchronicity, cooperative spirit and shared passion. Then you throw in some spicy endorphins and it can be a real power trip for the relationship."

JRod started the year off right by sharing a couple workout video on January 1st that proved they are both #couplegoals and #fitinspo. The video shows them running up stairs in what looks like a stadium, doing jumprope, planks, burpies, overhead slams with medicine balls, and squats with what appear to be the same set of weights (no wonder JLo has such an infamous rump).

If this doesn't inspire you then nothing will!

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