7 Creative Ways People Are Staying Connected Online During Quarantine

Instagram challenges and PowerPoint parties are keeping people connected while in isolation.

With most of us confined to our homes and practicing social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be hard to feel connected to the outside world. Thanks to the internet, however, people don't have to feel totally isolated from their friends, family, or even strangers. From viral challenges to heartwarming videos, these are the creative ways people have managed to stay connected online during quarantine.

1. Hosting PowerPoint parties

Many teens and young adults have turned to hosting online "PowerPoint Parties," where they gather with friends in an online video chat to take turns giving presentations to each other. The topic can be anything you're willing to dedicate an entire presentation to and have ranged from ranking types of pasta to "Which Members Of One Direction I Could Defeat In Mortal Combat."

2. Virtually "passing" a basketball around

The coronavirus pandemic has put a halt on most sporting events—at both the amateur and professional levels. But social distancing can't stop players' love of the game. The Lady Tigers basketball team from Beachwood High School in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, are just one of the many teams posting edited videos of players "passing" a basketball around to show they're still connected during these hard times.

3. Teachers sharing "I miss you" signs with their students


With many schools closed for the remainder of the year, teachers from around the country have turned online to stay connected with their students. Bowers Elementary School in Harriman, Tennessee, posted a video of various teachers and staff holding up "I Miss You" signs to let their students know they are thinking about them during these uncertain times.

4. Participating in Instagram challenges

If you have an Instagram account, you've probably seen a number of"challenges" circulating around your feed to keep spirits high during the pandemic. Some of the most popular have been the #UntilTomorrow trend, where users post a funny photo of themselves while tagging everyone who liked the photo to post their own version; and the #SeeAPupSendAPup challenge where people post photos of their dog on their story and tag their friends to do the same. Even companies, like the Getty Museum, have gotten in on the fun by creating their own challenges.

5. Social-distancing dance parties

No one can hit the bar for happy hour or go to the club on a Saturday night amid the coronavirus pandemic. But have no fear, DJs are bringing the party straight to your home. More than 150,000 viewers have tuned into DJ D-Nice's Instagram Live virtual dance parties over the past few weeks, according to Variety. Big names like Michelle Obama, Drake, and Will Smith have even tuned in to watch the DJ's spin his expansive, genre-diverse sets to escape the 24-hour news cycle and have some fun for a couple hours.

6. Recreating popular reality TV shows

Staying connected online doesn't only have to involve people you already know. Thi Q. Lam and roommate Rance Nix, for example, created their own Instagram version of the popular Netflix reality show Love Is Blind. Dubbed "Love Is Quarantine," Lam and Nix mimic the show's premise by matching people together using Google Sheets and using daily post to update their more than 17,000 followers.

7. Having virtual movie nights on Netflix Party

While you can't invite friends and family over for a movie night right now, you can still take in a film or binge-watch a show together. People around the world are using Netflix Party, a free Google Chrome browser extension that allows multiple users to watch content together while interacting through a chat forum.

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