These States Ended Lockdown Two Months Ago. Here's How They're Doing.

Five states lifted stay-at-home orders on April 30. Here's how their coronavirus numbers are now.

As the coronavirus pandemic rages across the country, with some experts warning that the situation is only going to get worse, many states are being forced to reexamine their reopening plans. But while a handful of states are just beginning to lift orders, some states have been reopened for weeks now. In fact, there are five states that lifted stay-at-home orders on April 30. To see what effect this might have had on their current coronavirus numbers, we're checking in on the states that ended lockdown two months ago. Here's how they're doing now. And if you're wondering why cases are rising across the country, This Is Exactly Why Coronavirus Cases Are Surging, Harvard Doctor Says.


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According to the experts at Covid Act Now, Alabama is at a critical COVID risk level, with an infection rate (the average number of people a sick person will infect) of 1.08 and a positive test rate of 12.6 percent. The site also notes that the state only has enough contact tracers to trace 4 percent of new cases in 48 hours. According to The New York Times, Alabama has almost 37,200 coronavirus cases as of June 30, with nearly 930 deaths. And for more states Covid Act Now is concerned about, These 3 States Are Now in a "Critical" COVID-19 Situation, Researchers Say.


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Last week, Ashish Jha, MD, director of the Harvard Global Health Institute, said on Twitter that Georgia was one of five states in need of "urgent action" based on the rising positive test rate and number of hospitalizations. Georgia's current positive test rate is 11.7 percent, which means anyone traveling from the state to New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut will be subject to the new self-quarantine mandate. There are currently over 74,800 coronavirus cases in the state, and nearly 2,740 deaths. And for more states where rates are increasing among the younger population, Young People Are Responsible for Coronavirus Spikes in These 5 States.


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New coronavirus cases more than doubled in Idaho last week: The state saw a 116.3 percent rise in new cases, per Reuters. That follows Idaho breaking its record for most single-day cases on June 29, with 475. As of June 30, Idaho has nearly 5,800 cases overall, according to The New York Times, with just over 90 deaths. Based on the data, however, numbers are rising rapidly. And for more states that saw their new cases double over the past week, check out these 5 States Where New Coronavirus Cases Doubled Last Week.


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Tennessee is at a high-risk level for COVID-19 spread, per Covid Act Now, thanks in large part to the state's infection rate of 1.11, which means cases are spreading quickly. The most recent data shows almost 41,400 coronavirus cases in Tennessee, with around 585 deaths. According to Reuters, COVID-19 deaths in the state rose by nearly 14 percent last week. And for states that have managed to contain coronavirus, These Are the Only Two States Seeing New COVID-19 Cases Decline.


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Last week, a Texas state official said the state opened too soon, and the numbers reflect that assessment. Currently, Texas is taking some steps to control its COVID-19 outbreak, including shutting down bars, but experts have said that even a mask mandate would not be enough to stop the spread at this point. In the meantime, numbers continue to rise, and Texas' positive test rate is now 14.1 percent. As of June 30, there are almost 159,000 coronavirus cases in Texas, and there have been about 2,430 deaths. And for more up-to-date information, sign up for our daily newsletter.

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