6 States That Are Running Out of Hospital Beds

Cases are skyrocketing as hospitals fill up in Texas, Arizona, and several other states.

Reopening may be well underway, but the coronavirus pandemic seems anything but far behind us. In fact, countless states across the country are seeing huge increases in the number of new COVID-19 cases. Places like Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico all saw rises in new cases of 40 percent or higher for the week ended June 7, according to Reuters data analysis. The same week, new cases increased by 30 percent or more in Florida, Arkansas, South Carolina and North Carolina. What's perhaps even more concerning is the number of hospitalizations that some of these states are seeing, several of which are dealing with situations with intensive care units (ICU) either at capacity, or dangerously close to it. Read on for more about the six states running out of hospital beds. And for more on the impact of stay-at-home orders, These 6 States Never Went into Lockdown. Here's How They're Doing.


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Arizona lifted stay-at-home orders on May 15, and since then, cases have been increasing at alarming rates. As of June 10, the number of new cases had increased by 115 percent since the state reopened, and patients requiring ventilators rose 400 percent. With more than 80 percent of hospital beds full as of June 10, the state's health director has instructed hospitals to activate "emergency plans," which include the suspension of elective surgeries in order to free up beds for incoming cases of severe COVID-19. And to learn what makes you more likely to suffer serious symptoms, check out 10 Things That Increase Your Risk of Coronavirus Complications.


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Like many states—particularly ones that began reopening earliest—Texas has seen cases continue to rise since Memorial Day. According to data collected by The Washington Post, after the holiday weekend, cases have jumped 36 percent in the state—resulting in three straight days of record high hospitalizations between June 8 and June 10, Reuters reported. According to the state's health department, as of earlier this week, Texas had 28.14 percent of hospital beds open and available, and 1,723 available intensive care unit beds.

North Carolina

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In North Carolina, coronavirus hospitalizations began spiking after Memorial Day at a rate second only to the one reported in Texas, The Washington Post reported on June 9. To provide some context, the state reported 621 hospitalizations on May 26—two weeks later, that number climbed to 774. As of Thursday, June 11, Reuters reports that only 13 percent of North Carolina's ICU beds are available because of severe COVID-19 cases. And for some explanation as to why numbers may be rising, here's The Real Reason Why Coronavirus Numbers Are Surging in Some States.

South Carolina

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The hospitals in North Carolina's neighbor to the south are in similarly dire straits. The Washington Post reported that over the course of 24 hours on June 8, South Carolina had 30 new hospitalizations, a six-percent jump from the day prior. This brought the total number of COVID-19 patients to 507, and caused 12 counties in the state to either reach or surpass hospital capacity.


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Since Memorial Day, Arkansas has had several record highs in new cases per day, and according to local news station KAIT 8, that trend continues. On Friday afternoon, government officials announced that the state saw 731 new cases, their largest one-day total since the pandemic began.

The Washington Post also reported that hospitalizations had increased by 88 percent since Memorial Day, going from 92 on May 25 to 173 on June 9.


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Utah has also seen a resurgence of coronavirus in the weeks after Memorial Day. During the two-week span between May 25 and June 8, hospitalizations in the state more than doubled, The Washington Post reported. And as of June 9, 230 patients were currently hospitalized with COVID-19. And to understand how things are going where you live, This Is When You'll Know Your State Has Coronavirus Under Control.

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