These 5 States Have Had the Most COVID Deaths in the Country

Each of these states has seen more than 10,000 deaths as a result of the coronavirus.

Coronavirus case numbers surged in the United States during the month of July. Now in August, COVID death numbers have started to follow that surge. But as the numbers continue to rise, it's clear that some states have fared worse than others. In fact, the state of Florida just surpassed 10,000 deaths from COVID after adding 117 new deaths on Aug. 20. Sadly, it's not alone in that statistic: Florida is now the fifth state to have surpassed the 10,000th death mark. These are the 5 states that have had the most COVID deaths in the country thus far. And for more states in trouble, These Are the Only 4 States Seeing COVID Cases Rise, Testing Czar Warns.


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Out of nearly 588,600 coronavirus cases, Florida now has a total of 10,048 coronavirus deaths. According to The New York Times, Florida has seen 1,167 deaths in just the past seven days. And the state recently saw its highest reported day for daily deaths with 276 new deaths on Aug. 11.


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Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been over 11,000 deaths in Texas, per The New York Times data. In the last seven days, the state has seen 1,398 deaths from COVID, and for the month of August, it has averaged about 200 new deaths every day. And for more on Texas' coronavirus fight, This Is Why Texas Has "Gone From Bad to Worse."


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California may have the most coronavirus cases in the country, but it still only comes in third for total coronavirus deaths. According to The New York Times, the state now has 11,700 deaths from COVID. In the past week, there have been 878 new deaths and an average of about 125 new deaths every day. And for more on coronavirus in California, This Is What Fueled California's Deadly COVID Outbreak, New Study Says.

New Jersey

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New Jersey has had nearly 16,000 deaths as a result of the coronavirus, per The New York Times data. However, many of those deaths occurred at the beginning of the pandemic back in April and May. The most new daily deaths the state experienced happened back on April 30, when there were 458 new deaths in one day. Now, the state averages around 7 to 9 new deaths every day.

New York

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Even though New York has turned from a coronavirus epicenter into a pandemic success story, it is still the state with the most coronavirus deaths overall. According to The New York Times, New York has seen more than 32,450 COVID deaths since the start of the pandemic. Just like New Jersey, though, most of those deaths occurred at the height of the pandemic in April. In mid-April, the state was averaging more than 900 deaths each day. Now, New York sees about 10 deaths per day. And for more up-to-date information, sign up for our daily newsletter.

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