6 States That Just Set Their Daily Record of New Coronavirus Cases

These states are heading for trouble if they can't slow the spread of COVID-19.

While some states are successfully slowing the spread of COVID-19, others are seeing spikes in coronavirus cases. In fact, some are only just seeing their highest coronavirus numbers yet. Each one of the following states—which span both coasts and represent every corner of the country—has just had their highest single-day case count since the start of the pandemic. This is one record you don't want to set, especially as many of these locations begin to reopen their economies post-lockdown. Read on to find out if your home state is experiencing record-setting rates of coronavirus that could be putting you at risk. And to stay safe during reopening, check out: The CDC Has a Simple "Rule of Thumb" to Help You Avoid Coronavirus.


Little Rock Arkansas skyline

At a press conference held on Friday, Gov. Asa Hutchinson announced a one-day total of 731 new coronavirus cases in the state of Arkansas—the largest single-day increase since the start of the pandemic. This figure was all the more startling because it represented such a steep incline: the next highest number recorded prior to this was 455 new cases in a day. For more on this, read on to find out why A CDC Official Just Issued This Stark Warning Amid Coronavirus Reopening.

North Carolina

Charlotte NC at night

In North Carolina, total cases topped 41,000 this Friday, and the state hit its highest single-day count with 1,768 new cases. According to The News & Observer, the state has now had daily numbers over 1,000 for five of the last eight days. It is unclear to what extent the rise in confirmed cases is due to efforts to reopen the state's economy versus an increase in coronavirus testing efforts. And for more up-to-date information, sign up for our daily newsletter.


Portland OR view

While Oregon's coronavirus numbers still remain low, they are unfortunately trending upward. As of June 11, there were 177 new cases, a record-breaking single day count for the Beaver State. This brings their total case count to just under 5,000, but if this is any indicator, we'll continue to see those numbers rising. And before you venture back out into the post-lockdown world, check out these 7 Myths About Reopening You Need to Stop Believing.


Austin Texas skyline

On Wednesday, Texas officials announced a startling rise of confirmed cases, as well as hospitalizations. The state reported a record-breaking daily case count of 2,504, a sharp increase from the second-highest count of 1,949 recorded on May 31. Notably, The Hill reports that 21 percent of the new confirmed cases are located in Jefferson County, which houses three correctional facilities. This suggests that community spread within prisons plays a role in their dangerously high numbers.


Florida skyline with palm trees and buildings

This Friday, Florida confirmed a new high of coronavirus cases for the second day in a row, a grim indicator that cases could continue spiking in the area. Friday's total of 1,902 eclipsed the previous day's numbers by over 200 new cases, bringing the total count for the state up to nearly 71,000 cases. And find out why a beloved Florida attraction wound up on this list of 3 Popular Reopened Tourist Destinations You'll Definitely Want To Avoid.

South Carolina

Charleston South Carolina

South Carolina's Department of Health and Environmental Control announced on Friday that they had a new single-day case record of 770 coronavirus patients. These newly confirmed cases bring the state's total COVID count to 17,170, indicating a positive test rate of over 14 percent during this last round of testing. The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that areas should be testing under 5 percent positive for two weeks before reopening their economies, meaning it may be time to reconsider the state's reopening strategies.

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