6 States Where Coronavirus Numbers Are Spiking

Alabama, South Carolina, and Oklahoma saw a huge jump in COVID-19 cases over the past week.

If you've been paying attention to COVID-19 case numbers and death tolls throughout the country, you know there's reason to worry. States are reopening nationwide and the outbreak does appear largely contained in areas that were once major hotspots. But in other parts of the U.S., the coronavirus pandemic continues unabated. Based on the largest week-to-week percentage increases for the week ending in June 14, here are six states where coronavirus numbers are spiking. And for states that have already suffered serious losses, These Are the States Where Coronavirus Is Deadliest.

Alabama: 116.6 percent

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With 5,115 new coronavirus cases, bringing the total to 25,615, Alabama saw a shocking 116.6 percent increase in cases for the week ending in June 14, according to Reuters. As of June 16, The New York Times reports over 26,270 cases in Alabama, and around 775 deaths. While the majority of cases have been in the counties of Montgomery, Mobile, and Jefferson, there have been a fair amount scattered throughout the state. The highest number of cases per capita is in Lowndes County, which has a rate of 3,878 cases per 100,000 people, compared to Alabama's overall rate of 536 per 100,000. And for more rural areas that have been hit hard, these are The Worst Coronavirus Outbreaks You Haven't Heard About.

South Carolina: 85.9 percent

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South Carolina had a major increase in coronavirus cases, per Reuters, adding 4,509 for a total of 18,795. Currently, the state has nearly 19,380 cases and more than 600 deaths. When asked by Reuters, South Carolina attributed the increase to some residents not following social distancing guidelines or wearing masks. The state hit a record for most new single-day cases on June 12. And South Carolina is also experiencing a significant rise in hospitalizations: The Washington Post reported a 6 percent increase in hospitalizations over 24 hours on June 8. And for more states approaching dangerous territory, check out these 6 States That Are Running Out of Hospital Beds.

Oklahoma: 67.9 percent

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Oklahoma's 1,081 new cases for the week ending in June 14, giving the state a total of 8,231 cases, represented a rise of 67.9 percent, according to Reuters. The New York Times now puts Oklahoma's coronavirus cases at over 8,415, with nearly 360 deaths. Most of these cases have been centered in the most populous counties, Tulsa and Oklahoma, but per capita, the highest rate is in Texas County, with a rate of 4,616 cases per 100,000 people. And if you're wondering what these numbers mean for the future, The CDC Says This Is When We'll Need Another Lockdown.

Florida: 49.6 percent

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Reuters reports a 49.6 percent increase for Florida, which added 11,630 new coronavirus cases for a total of 75,568. (The state had seen a 46.8 percent rise for the week ending in June 7 as well.) Florida also broke its record for new single-day cases—two days in a row, first on June 11 and then on June 12. The most recent numbers for the state show a continued rise in the numbers: nearly 77,320 cases and almost 2,940 deaths, as of June 16.

Nevada: 44.3 percent

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With an additional 1,524 cases bringing the state's total to 11,173, Nevada saw a 44.3 percent rise in coronavirus cases, per Reuters. And that case number has now risen to over 11,315, along with more than 465 deaths. Unsurprisingly, most cases have been in Clark County (where Las Vegas is located) and Washoe County (home of Reno). But troublingly, the numbers are rising in both areas. And for more up-to-date information, sign up for our daily newsletter.

Arkansas: 41.5 percent

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Arkansas has seen some worrying numbers lately. With Reuters reporting an additional 3,075 cases for the week ending in June 14, giving a total of 12,501 cases, the state saw an increase of 41.5 percent. That's after it hit a record for new single-day cases on June 12, and showed up on the CDC's forecast of states that will see more deaths over the next four weeks than in the past four weeks. Furthermore, the Washington Post reported that Arkansas had seen an 88 percent rise in hospitalizations since Memorial Day, as of June 9, meaning the state is in danger of running out of hospital beds. Currently, The New York Times reports over 12,915 coronavirus cases and more than 180 deaths. And for other states that have had lax restrictions, check out These 6 States Never Went into Lockdown. Here's How They're Doing.

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