These Are the New States the CDC Is Most Worried About

The CDC forecasts rising COVID-19 deaths in Arizona, Arkansas, Hawaii, and other states.

With case numbers and death tolls continuing to rise in certain areas across the country, it's clear that the coronavirus pandemic is far from over. Even as the outbreaks appear contained in many major cities, other hotspots have emerged throughout the U.S. That's why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is trying to predict which areas will be hardest hit next. According to the most recent forecast, released June 12, these are the states the CDC is worried will have the most new deaths over the next four weeks relative to the last four. And for states that have already suffered massive casualties, These Are the States Where Coronavirus Is Deadliest.


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Arizona is one of six states the CDC forecasts will have more coronavirus deaths over the next four weeks than were reported over the last four weeks. As of June 15, the state has seen nearly 1,200 deaths per The New York Times. But there have been warning signs that the situation in Arizona is getting worse. For the week ending in June 7, the state saw a staggering 93.3 percent increase in coronavirus cases. (That follows an almost 50 percent increase the week before.) Arizona is also one of six states running out of hospital beds, with 80 percent of hospital beds full as of June 10. And for states that are on the other side of the crisis, here are All the States That Had No Coronavirus Deaths Last Week.


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The CDC's prediction that Arkansas will have more coronavirus deaths over the next month coincides with the state setting a daily record for new coronavirus cases on June 12. That follows the 63.3 percent rise in cases for the week ending in June 7. Currently, Arkansas has seen around 180 deaths, according to The New York Times. But cases continue to rise, and the Washington Post reports that the state has experienced an 88 percent increase in hospitalizations since Memorial Day, as of June 9. And for more states with lax restrictions, These 6 States Never Went into Lockdown. Here's How They're Doing.


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For the most part, Hawaii has been upheld as one of the states handling coronavirus well, which makes its appearance on the CDC's forecast unusual. As of June 15, The New York Times reports 716 total cases and 17 total coronavirus deaths. Nevertheless, those modest numbers have been spiking, with the Honolulu Star-Advertiser noting that June 12 and June 13 represented the biggest single-day increases in the state in nearly two months. And for more states that have enforced tight restrictions, These 5 States Had the Strictest Lockdowns. Here's How They're Doing.

North Carolina

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Like Arkansas, North Carolina also set a daily record for new coronavirus cases on June 12, with an additional 1,768. There are currently close to 44,200 cases in the state, with around 1,140 deaths. The CDC is predicting a notable rise in that number over the coming weeks, perhaps in part because North Carolina is another one of the states running out of hospital beds. The Washington Post reports that the state's rise in coronavirus hospitalization rates since Memorial Day is the highest of any state next to Texas. And according to Reuters, only 13 percent of North Carolina ICU beds were available as of June 11.


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The CDC's forecast of Utah's increased death toll over the next four weeks comes shortly after a notable 61.5 percent increase in cases for the week ending in June 7. As of June 15, the state has over 14,300 cases and around 140 deaths. But as with Arizona, Arkansas, and North Carolina, there are concerns about the number of available hospital beds. Between May 25 and June 8, hospitalizations in Utah more than doubled, per the Washington Post. And for more up-to-date information, sign up for our daily newsletter.


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Like Hawaii, Vermont has not found itself on many lists of coronavirus hotspots. As of June 15, The New York Times reports around 1,130 cases and 55 deaths in the state. Nevertheless, the CDC is including Vermont on its forecast of states where there will be more coronavirus deaths in the coming month than in the four weeks before. It's important to note, however, that there have been no deaths at all over the last three weeks, according to Vermont Public Radio, which means that even a small number of coronavirus deaths in the next few weeks would match the CDC's prediction.

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