These Are the Only Two States Seeing New COVID-19 Cases Decline

Find out which two states are currently winning the fight against coronavirus, and how they're doing it.

We've entered a new and dangerous phase of the pandemic, with numbers not seen since coronavirus first took hold in America. Nationwide rates of infection have grown by a staggering 65 percent in the last two weeks, with several states repeatedly breaking their own records for their highest single-day case counts. On Saturday, the country recorded over 41,000 new cases for that day alone. Additionally, Robert Redfield, director of The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), said on Thursday that based on antibody tests, the organization now believes that the true number of cases could be "six to 24 times greater" than the recorded number of confirmed cases. You get the idea: things are looking bleak.

But right now, two states are seeing their cases decline. According to CNN, while 36 states have reported a notable uptick in case numbers since last week, and 13 have been hovering in place during that same time frame, these two states have managed to actively turn the tides. Read on to find out which two states are currently winning the fight against COVID-19, and how they're managing to beat the odds. And find out how states are faring at the other end of the spectrum: This State Is Urging Citizens Not to Leave Home Amid Coronavirus Surge.


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Though Connecticut saw a spike of coronavirus cases in mid-April, the state has been able to somewhat steadily reduce its numbers since. During a particularly low point earlier this week, the state recorded just 14 new cases in a day, with hospitalizations dropping dramatically.

Along with New York and New Jersey, the state announced this week that it would enforce a travel advisory for visitors entering the tristate area from other states with high community spread. Notably, Connecticut has also required its residents to wear face masks in public since April.

Rhode Island

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According to The Providence Journal, Rhode Island has been steadily improving its numbers, and currently has the lowest coronavirus case count it's seen in months. Hospitalizations have dropped below 100 for the first time since March, and earlier this week, they recorded a single-day case count of just 25 new infections.

The state announced that it will cautiously enter phase three of reopening this coming Tuesday, with certain plans modified in response to the outbreaks in other states. Like Connecticut, it issued an executive order that requires face masks in public, and recently announced that larger gatherings will still be prohibited during phase three. And find out why some states have seen such a drastic increase in cases: States That Don't Do This One Thing Saw COVID-19 Numbers Jump 84 Percent.

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