This State Is on Track to Surpass New York With the Most COVID Cases

This state is reporting around 9,000 new cases per day, bringing its total case count to over 400,000.

Coronavirus cases are surging in many states around the country. In fact, over a third of all states are currently in the White House's coronavirus "red zone." But several areas are currently experiencing worse outbreaks than others and one state in particular is seeing such a rapid increase that it's on track to surpass New York for the most total COVID cases in the U.S. According to data from The New York Times, California is currently adding around 9,000 coronavirus cases per day, bringing its total case count to over 409,000, as of July 21. New York's total case number is at about 412,000, but the Empire State, by comparison, is adding around 700 new cases per day.

It's a stark contrast from three months ago when New York was considered the global epicenter of the pandemic.

map of california with covid outbreak

Medical experts cite multiple reasons for the COVID surge in California, which came after the Golden State was able to bring down its initial outbreak numbers. "You know, we opened up too soon. We didn't have the virus totally under control," Anne Rimoin, PhD, an epidemiology professor at the University of California Los Angeles, told CNN. "People are not following the rules. They're not wearing masks. They're not social distancing. They're not doing what it is that they need to do."

The sharp spike in cases has hit Los Angeles County particularly hard. In a press conference on Tuesday morning, Mayor Eric Garcetti reiterated that L.A. was "on the brink" of renewed stay-at-home orders to help bring numbers down to a manageable level.

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The news of California's record-breaking rise comes just one week after Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered a second shutdown of bars, indoor dining, gyms, movie theaters, wineries, and more businesses across the state.

"I really see no other choice, but for California to shut down right now, to really shut down for a couple of weeks so that we can get this virus under control," Rimoin told CNN. And for more on areas that are struggling to control coronavirus, check out 11 States Where Locking Down Again Is Absolutely Necessary.

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