This Is the Top Destination for Solo Travelers This Summer

It's sure to satisfy your wanderlust.

Traveling used to be something you did with a partner, your family, or your friends. But as people have begun to realize that solo travel offers a truly unfettered opportunity to both discover another country and engage in some self-reflection, traveling by oneself has become increasingly popular. In fact, a 2018 study from Hostelworld found that there was a 42 percent increase in solo traveler bookings since 2015.

That means there are more and more travel companies sprouting up that specialize in small group adventures for solo travelers who want to share the experience with some new faces. One such company, Flash Pack, which is geared toward those in their 30s and 40s, is helping narrow down the best solo travel destinations.

According to their research, the number one spot for a solo travel getaway this summer is Morocco, a country that offers luxury and convenience while also satisfying those with a real appetite for adventure.

"This is a destination where you can really dive headfirst into adventure, whether you're glamping in the desert with sunset camel rides or taking a street food safari through the bustling alleyways of Marrakech," Lee Thompson, co-founder of Flash Pack, told Best Life in a statement. "It's also a great place for heading off-radar and getting a feel for local culture."

Granted, travelers should be aware that the temperature can get pretty hot in certain parts of Morocco in the summer months, and that, as a Muslim country, certain dressing guidelines should be observed. But the experience of drinking a mint tea by a petal-lined pool in the tranquility of a local riad after a day in the dusty, vibrant souks is surely one to remember.

After Morocco, the next most popular destinations for solo travelers are Bali, Jordan, Iceland, Vietnam, and Cambodia—an indication, perhaps, that today's adventurous travelers are eschewing the well-worn paths of their parents in Europe in favor of more exotic and unfamiliar roads.

"I think in general, travelers are coming out from behind bus windows—they want to be challenged with once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and get under the skin of a given destination with vibrant, locally-focused itineraries," Thompson said. "There's a real drive for the kind of summer adventure that fires you up, gives fresh perspective and leaves you with a renewed energy for life."

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