These Photos of Snow White Comforting a Little Boy With Autism Are Truly Magical

"There is magic in the world."

On Sunday, Lauren Bergner was in Disney World with her six-year-old son, Brody, who has autism. And in the middle of taking pictures with Snow White, he began to have a breakdown. A crisis like this is unfortunately a common occurrence for the parents of children with autism, and there are no clear ways to sooth them.

Luckily, Snow White came to the rescue. "Snow White could tell Brody had special needs," Bergner wrote in a Facebook post that has gone megaviral. "She took him for a walk and got him time away from the crowd! This is true magic!"

snow white autism
Courtesy of Lauren Bergner

The photos have received more than 300,000 likes since Sunday. And Bergner is touched that they've managed to bring some good into others' lives, too.

"We have so much bad in the news," she said, when reached by phone, "so it was nice to see good people in the world going out of their way to do the kind thing."

snow white comforts child with autism
Courtesy of Lauren Bergner

Since strangers often can't tell the difference between a temper tantrum and an autism meltdown, parents of children with autism usually have to deal with judgmental looks from other people instead of help.

snow white child with autism
Courtesy of Lauren Bergner

But not only did Snow White soothe Brody, she took him prancing through the park, bringing joy to everyone around them.

snow white comforts child with autism
Courtesy of Lauren Bergner

Bergner was so grateful that she even sent an email to Disney asking them to thank her real-life fairy godmother.

snow white disney
Courtesy of Lauren Bergner

"Snow White was amazing with him!" she wrote in the email. "She was a pure angel! She was magical and my family is forever thankful and touched!"

snow white comforts autistic child
Courtesy of Lauren Bergner

In response, Disney sent some of the framed photos Bergner took, signed by Snow White herself.

snow white comforts autistic boy
Courtesy of Lauren Bergner

"I am truly touched by this whole story," Facebook user Paul Hammond wrote, echoing the general sentiment. "Snow White and your son, that's what fairytales are made of… I've always believed in magic and I think it was proven that afternoon."

Courtesy of Lauren Bergner

If there's one message Bergner would like the photos to send, it's this: "Just always believe; there is magic in the world."

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