Snow Squall Engulfs New York City, Twitter Reacts

If you're like everyone in New York, you were today years old when you learned what a snow squall is.

snow squall

On Wednesday afternoon, millions of phones in New York City and its surrounding areas started buzzing with an ominous warning:

Immediately, everyone had the same reaction: What, precisely, is a snow squall?

Is this one of those things that everyone somehow knows about but you?

And now you have to pretend to know what a snow squall is when you really have no idea?

Should we prepare ourselves?

A quick search reveals that a snow squall is basically a blizzard, except that it's confined to a certain time and space. Snow squalls typically last for less than three hours, but they can certainly cause a lot of strife.

Exhibit A: Within minutes, New York City went from blue skies to doom and gloom.

We were half-expecting the Wicked Witch of the West to come riding in on her broomstick.

The entire city essentially disappeared.

And we were all plunged into night.

Luckily, it passed—as snow squalls tend to do. But, for a minute there, it was squall anyone could talk about.

It was one of the year's last viral moments, so we'll always remember you fondly, snow squall.

After squall (last one, we promise), it's an important reminder that the worst never lasts for long!

And for more weather-related records, check out The Coldest Temperature Ever Recorded in Every State.

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