Get 15 Percent Off These Delicious Smith & Sinclair Gummies, Just in Time for the Holidays

These cocktail-inspired treats might just be the most genius gift you'll give this year.

There are tons of things to love about the holiday season: The gifts, the gatherings, and of course, the opportunity to enjoy those festive foods and delicious cocktails you've been waiting all year to indulge in.

What's less fun? Waking up feeling like you were hit by a 2×4 after one too many glasses of champagne or holiday punch—after all, what you really wanted was to enjoy the flavor of your favorite cocktail. Enter: Smith & Sinclair's gummies.

These genius candies have the flavor of your favorite drinks—including the alcohol–but without the bloated belly or headache the next morning.

Perfect for anyone who loves a well-made cocktail, these delicious treats even come in fun sets ideal for gifting, like The Celebration Selection, which comes with pineapple bellini, passion fruit mojito, berry daiquiri, and elderflower gin spritz flavored gummies.

yellow box that says "eat your drink" with gummy candies next to it
Smith & Sinclair
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There's also the Cocktail Lover's Gift Set, which comes with four alcoholic gummies, ten elderflower fizz tablets, and a jar of edible cocktail glitter dust in raspberry rose gold flavor.

woman in blue holding blue box of cocktail components
Smith & Sinclair
$28 at Smith & Sinclair
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There's even something special for the teetotaler on your list: The Party Bag Mocktail Gummy Candies comes with four watermelon margarita flavored gummies, four Moscow mule flavored gummies, and four gin and tonic flavored gummies—all without the booze.

orange box that says "happy hour candy" next to gummy candies
Smith & Sinclair
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The only thing better than scooping up a set of these treats? Getting them for a song. With promo code BESTLIFE15, Best Life readers can enjoy 15 percent off their first order through December 31st, 2019—just head to Smith & Sinclair for the full line of products.


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