If You Have These Skittles or Starburst Candies, Don't Eat Them, FDA Warns

Popular candy manufacturer Mars Wrigley has issued a major recall.

Got a sweet tooth? You'll want to take note of the latest recall. While we all know that candy isn't exactly good for us, we expect that it's fine to enjoy in moderation. Some candy, however, may be tainted by an inedible addition that wasn't meant to be included. If you're a fan of popular brands like Skittles, Starburst, and Life Savers, you should pay close attention to a new release posted on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) site—and make sure you don't have any contaminated confections at home. Read on to learn what products are subject to a new recall.

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There have been a number of candy recalls recently.

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It's been a tough month for dessert lovers recently, particularly those of us who love chocolate. The FDA has posted notices for a number of recalls recently that seem to be targeting candy cravers.

On April 28, Strauss Israel recalled a wide variety of confectionery, including chocolate bars, chocolate wafers, chocolate coins, and—for the non-chocolate fans—bubble gum, all for potential Salmonella contamination. The very next day, Texas-based H-E-B had to recall its brownie bites for the possible presence of metal fragments.

This month, we've already seen a recall of vegan chocolate sold at TJ Maxx and Marshalls, as well as a major recall of over 50 chocolate products from Wyoming-based Queen Bee LLC. Now, a few of the most popular candy brands are also being pulled from shelves.

There's a new recall on some very popular candy brands.

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On May 13, Mars Wrigley Confectionery US, LLC announced a recall on several of its brands, per a release posted on the FDA site. Mars Wrigley has a number of popular brands, including gums like Juicy Fruit and Doublemint, and mints like Altoids. But this recall applies to three candies in particular: Skittles, Starburst, and Life Savers.

Don't worry, not all of these candies are being recalled—and not any of the traditional versions. The recall is for the gummy variety of these brands: Starburst Gummies (Original, Sours, Sour Berries), Life Savers Gummies (Five Flavor, Wild Berries, Sour), and Skittles Gummies (Original, Wild Berry, Sour).

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Some consumers have found a foreign object in their candy.

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According to the FDA release, these candies are being recalled "due to the potential presence of a very thin metal strand embedded in the gummies or loose in the bag." Mars Wrigley was notified of the metal strand by customers, but thankfully the company reports that no injuries have been reported.

It's not yet clear where the possible metal strand could have come from, but metal fragments can be a byproduct of the manufacturing process. The recent H-E-B brownie bites recall was also due to potential contamination by metal, per that FDA release.

Here's what to do if you have any of these gummies at home.

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Wondering if you've purchased one of the recalled candies? The FDA release has a full list of affected products, including item numbers and UPCs. Helpfully, the release also includes pictures of the Starburst Gummies, Skittles Gummies, and Life Savers Gummies so you can be extra sure.

According to the release, Mars Wrigley will "work with retailers to remove recalled products from store shelves." But if you already have any of these candies at home, you'll want to take action. The release warns you to not eat any of these recalled products, and instead to throw them out. If you have more questions about the recall, you can contact the company directly. Call 1-800-651-2564 or send a message through the website.

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