10 Tech Gifts She'll Really Love

Listen, we know you want to buy her that really great Apple Watch or Bluetooth speaker, but odds are she's not in the market for one of those digital finds. Instead, gift her with one of these tech picks that'll speak to her soul. (Or, at least, tastes.)

White towel warmer with tan towels inside photo

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Sharper Image Towel Warmer

When it comes to pimping out your bathroom, there's perhaps no greater pleasure than adding a towel warmer. While it seems simple, being enveloped in a freshly baked bath sheet is a pure sensory delight that helps getting out of bed easier for her—and you, too. ($120; sharperimage.com)

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Portable charger with

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The Bando Star Power Portable Power Bank

The biggest complaint about smartphones these days? The lack of battery power they all seem to have—or perhaps, how quickly everyone uses their respective phone batteries. Show her just how powerful she is—literally—with this kitschy portable charger that looks equally appropriate on her office desk as it does on the brunch table. ($54; bando.com)

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Magnetic cord organizers with various quotes on them photo

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Bando Hold It! Magnetic Cord Keepers Compliment Set

With all the tech she's collected over the past year alone (Think of all those micro USB cords!), it's a safe bet to guess that everything's probably a bit tangled when it comes to chargers, cords, and the like. Eliminate any chance of knots, outages, or worse—a potential fire—with these magnetic cord keepers that also happen to let her know how damn wonderful she is. ($20; bando.com)

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Red crossbody phone purse by Rebecca Minkoff photo

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Rebecca Minkoff Isobel Crossbody Phone Purse

Although this isn't technically a device, it's probably the cutest tech accessory any woman will gladly accept. A purse specifically designed to fit a smartphone plus a few basic essentials (think: ID, lipstick, cash, credit cards, gum) is the bag she never knew she needed so badly. Bonus: If she suffers from slumped computer shoulders or from toting around an oversize work bag daily, this lightweight leather number will be a welcome respite. ($145; zappos.com)

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Fast-charge USB cable decorated with a speech bubble photo

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Iphoria Speech Bubble Lightning Cable

She always seems to have something to say—even when, gasp, her iPhone's dead. Help eliminate any chance of entering the no-battery zone with this cheeky take on the traditionally boring-but-essential lightning cable. Now she can ideate, charge, and look adorable while doing it all. ($33; shopbop.com)

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Wireless headphones in rose gold photo

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I.am + BUTTONS Bluetooth Wireless Headphones in Rose Gold

Ever since the iPhone ditched its headphone portal in lieu of a lighting cable plug in, Bluetooth headphones are now practically omnipresent, but that doesn't mean the majority of them work well, hold a charge, or provide killer sound. Especially with earbuds. But that's not the case with these new bite-size headphones, which provide all the bells and whistles minus the plug-in hassle. ($200; apple.com)

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Selfie iPhone case with white marble design photo

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Lumee Duo iPhone Case for 8/7/6s/6 in Black Marble

Relieve yourself of Instagram Husband (Father, Boyfriend, Whatever) duties by gifting her with the luxury of selfie-ing herself. The sleek black marble is just different enough from the basic white hue that's flooded the social network already, plus it provides ample lighting to give serious face without having anyone else behind the camera. ($70; lumee.com)

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Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer in silver and purple photo

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Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

If you've got a beauty queen (or hey, princess) in your life, there is no present more luxurious than the Dyson dryer. Basically the Porsche, Mercedes, and Range Rover of blowdryers all rolled into one, this baby will style hair in a shorter amount of time with far less damage than typical dryers would do. In other words: This gift is a lock for those who swear by their hair. (starting at $400; dyson.com)

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Rechargeable wine opener with foil cutter photo

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Sharper Image Rechargeable Wine Opener With Foil Cutter

Just about every lady loves her wine. Served up right, there's nothing more cathartic than popping a cork and pouring a glass. But having cork or foil in your vino is less than desirable—yet this electronic device takes care of both problems without having to break a sweat or worry about your booze. ($60; sharperimage.com)

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Smart color LED light bulb photo

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TP-Link Smart Color LED Light Bulb

There's nothing like creating a little sexy ambience when it comes to indoor lighting—ask any fan of hygge and they'll swear by table lamps over high hats. Regardless of where your lights are, though, you can easily adjust the level and hue of the light to create an office-like vibe or a low-key, sexy mood. ($60; nordstrom.com)

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