Unwash Balancing Scalp Treatment Serum: Scalp Moisturizer to Boost Hair Growth and Shine - 2.5 Fl Oz

SCALP THERAPY Get to the root of your hair woes with a serum designed for your scalp - the Unwash Balancing Scalp Serum. This luxurious serum works hard to boost your scalp’s health. Inspired by skincare, our formula utilizes the same ingredients that help moisturize and exfoliate dry flaky skin. This not only improves the overall condition of your scalp, but also the appearance and health of your hair. HAIR WELLNESS When you have a healthy scalp, you have healthy ht also the appearance and health of your hair. HAIR WELLNESS When you have a healthy scalp, you have healthy hair. Our solution is a topical, leave-in serum that nourishes your skin and hair follicles. It works by hydrating, exfoliating, and soothing your scalp to help get rid of dandruff and boost your hair’s overall volume, growth, and shine. Hydrate and replenish your scalp regularly with this serum and watch your hair transform from lackluster to glossy. LIGHTWEIGHT FORMULA Advances in the beauty world have found that hair and skin are composed of the same similar proteins and fats. Our ultra-lightweight serum is infused with skin care favorites like aloe, witch hazel, and tea tree oil. This not only helps reduce dryness and flakiness, but it also ensures that the serum is gentle enough for people with sensitive skin and sensitive scalps to use without any unwanted side effects. FOR DAILY USE Add the serum to your daily beauty routine to see the full benefits of scalp serum. After your usual shower routine, add a small amount of the serum to your roots. Gently massage the serum onto your scalp and through the ends of your wet hair until the product feels fully absorbed. To boost results, give your scalp some extra love by using the serum as a leave-in night treatment. ALL HAIR TEXTURES Formulated to work with all hair textures, the Unwash re-balancing serum is unlike any other product and is made specifically for the scalp's microbiome with prebiotics and probiotics. No matter your hair type, transform your scalp and hair when you use this nourishing leave-in serum. read more