6 Luxury Eye Masks for Snoozing While You Travel

There are folks who are able to easily fall asleep on a couch, a subway seat, or even a yoga mat. And then there are those who can barely fall asleep in their own bed. An airplane seat? Forget about it! That's why, when you take to the skies, an amazing eye mask is essential for snagging some much-needed Zs. These top-of-the-line options are sure to make you sleep as if you were in the first-class cabin.

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Lunya Washable Silk Sleep Mask

Not only does this pick block out light, but the wide elasticized band also muffles sound, so you can tune out the screaming babies (or cadre of buzzed travelers) on your next flight. We also love that it's machine-washable silk and comes in six colors. ($48; lunya.co)

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Unimi Sleep Mask

This pick offers a 3D contoured shape, so that the mask part never actually touches your eyelids while wearing it. Plus, the foam allows for easy contouring on the bridge of your nose, preventing light from entering anywhere. ($10; amazon.com)

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SLIP Silk Sleepmask

Like a pillow for your eyes, the SLIP Silk Sleepmask has anti-aging benefits. Plus, it's a favorite of dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and hairdressers. The mask comes in nine different colors—and feels like a dream. ($50; sephora.com)

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Gravity Weighted Sleep Mask

Everyone loves a gravity blanket. Imagine having one on your face. This weighted eye mask is filled with fine glass beads to distribute light touch across specific pressure points for maximum sleepy-time. ($30; gravityblankets.com)

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IMAK Eye Mask

The IMAK Eye Mask does more than just block out light—it contains ergoBeads technology to glide along the skin, providing a sort of massage to your eye area while you snooze. We're over the moon for the cooling relief it offers, too. ($13; amazon.com)

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Graphene Times Heated Eye Mask

It's like a hot compress for your eyes, but without the watery mess, and with extra light-blocking benefits. Just don't forget connect the USB cable to a charging port to charge this mask up before heading on your flight. Otherwise, it's just a plain ole eye mask—and who wants that? ($35; amazon.com)

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