9 Products That Will Guarantee Whiter Teeth

Regular flossing, twice-daily brushing, and healthy mouthwash use can only go so far. Slate some of these dentist-approved gizmos and products into your routine for your whitest, brightest smile ever.

Crest 3D White Whitening Therapy Sensitvity Care Toothpaste photo

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Crest 3D White Whitening Therapy Sensitvity Care Toothpaste

As far as whitening toothpastes go, this is one of the best on the market. Also available in a version formulated for sensitive teeth, this new paste from Crest is a great option to keep teeth as white and strong as possible between treatments. ($7; crest.com)

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Philips electric toothbrush with whitening head and settings photo

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Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart 9700

This next-level toothbrush has a whitening head and whitening setting, and when you pair it with a good whitening toothpaste, you'll be looking at some seriously white teeth. ($330; philips.com)

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Auraglow Deluxe Home Teeth Whitening System photo

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Auraglow Deluxe Home Teeth Whitening System

One of the best deals out there for what you're actually getting, this gel and light combo makes for a weird look, but a great result. I always love when a gel is involved in the at-home whitening process. It just seems legit. There is enough gel in the kit for 20 treatments, so you get between 2 and 3 full times before having to re-up. That's a good investment if you ask me. ($100; myauraglow.com)

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Wine Wipes photo

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Wine Wipes

So perhaps it's a stretch to call these "teeth whiteners" but they are a great addition to a night out on the town with someone special. Especially someone you may want to get to know better. These bad boys wipe away stains from the mega offender, red wine. Grab a couple and throw them in your pocket and you're good for a long night out. Wiping the red wine (or other culprits like coffee, tea, or dark soda) also helps keep them from staining in the long haul. ($10 for 20; winewipes.com)

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Luster Premium White 2-Minute White photo

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Luster Premium White 2-Minute White

If you only have a couple minutes, this is your new go-to. For those of us in a hurry, this provides whitening quickly. It's not as dramatic as other methods where you are spending more time and effort on whitening, but this is a great way to go longer between those major whitening jobs. ($13; lusterpremiumwhite.com)

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GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device photo

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GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device

Hands down one of the best whitening kits to use if you can't sit still. It uses gel with a light for major impact and it lets you carry it around with you, hands free. Travel with it or not, you can do this at home just as easily. Plus, this is safe to do for up to 5 sessions at a time, so you know you'll get results on the fly. ($220; gloscience.com)

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Supersmile Extra White System photo

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Supersmile Extra White System

If you want more than a toothpaste, but aren't into the gels, strips, and all that, then this is where you should start. Developed by Dr. Irwin Smigel, the "Father of Aesthetic Dentistry," this stuff goes above and beyond a normal toothpaste. Even better, you use so little of it to get results, it will last for quite a few rounds of whitening. Oh yeah, and it's Kosher. Mazel tov! ($150; supersmile.com)

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Popwhite Whitening System photo

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Popwhite Whitening System

This one here is all about the color correct (for you youngins, think of it like using the whitening feature on a photo editing app). By using this, you are creating the illusion of whiter teeth, while actually getting whiter teeth. Teeth look brighter and whiter instantly due to the purple hue cast upon them, and get whiter for up to 14 days with continued use. Want more? It's fluoride-free, cruelty-free, vegetarian, and made right here in the USA! ($39; popwhitesmile.com)

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GoSmile Sonic Blue Whitening System photo

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GoSmile Sonic Blue Whitening System

This is a great whitening system to try out when you're on the road. The toothbrush—which comes with a built-in light—holds a charge for two weeks, allowing you to use morning and night while on that long business trip, vacation, or even at home. Adding this gel to your already favorite toothpaste means little change from the regular routine. That's great for the folks who favor the status quo. ($69; gosmile.com)

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Crest 3D White Whitestrips with Light photo

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Crest 3D White Whitestrips with Light

Whitestrips ushered in the easy at-home whitening that we know today. Launched in 2001 by Crest, the Whitestrips have grown and evolved into a serious part of the business. Now, with the latest from Crest, these guys pack a one-two punch. The strips stay put (we know it's hard to believe, but it truly does) and then you activate the light for couple minutes, top and bottom. Boom! You're done. If you can't get enough of the strips, like most of us, these are the best of both worlds. ($100; crest.com)

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