6 Pull-Up Bars You Can Actually Fit in Your Home

Lats, shoulders, arms, abs—when it comes to blasting your entire upper-body musculature, no exercise beats the pull-up. And if you have the right gear (namely, a killer bar, one that's sturdy and can slate right into any doorway), no exercise is easier to do. Install one in your bedroom, your bathroom, your kitchen—anywhere! A fitter you is right through the doorway.

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The WOD Bar: Gym1 Doorway Gym

Most cantilevered doorway bars are designed for the kind of wiggle-free pull-ups that CrossFitters simply can't abide. Similar to other pull-up bars, the Doorway Gym sits on top of the door frame, but it also features adjustable clamps that attach to the sides of the doorframe to increase security. That means you can kick, swing, and sway to your heart's content, without fear of falling. With an impressive weight rating of 300 pounds, Gym1 built this modular unit to be the rock-solid foundation for a huge variety of plug-and-play attachments—punching bags and aerial yoga straps, among them—that offer gym rats an all-in-one solution. If you simply want more pull-up options, invest an extra $20 for the Power Fitness Package, which includes a pull-up extender and ab straps. ($70; gym1.net)

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The Big Guy's Bar: Ultimate Body Press Elevated Doorway Pull-Up Bar

One of the problems door-mounted pull-up bars present for tall guys is the lack of vertical space: they typically have to fold their legs up like an accordion to avoid hitting the floor, making a difficult exercise downright awkward. But the Ultimate Body Press literally raises the bar on its competition, adding nearly an entire foot of ground clearance with its curved handlebars. It's also thicker than most bars, offering a better grip for guys with big hands. Included crossbar extenders allow it to span 36-inch doorways, so big-framed fellas (up to 300 pounds) can spread out while they get huge. ($60; ultimatebodypress.com)

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The House-Friendly Bar: Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro

With its uniquely designed wide rectangular support pads, the Multi-Gym Pro won't scuff up your doorway. That means you can strategically place it in a high-traffic area of your home, like the kitchen doorway, without having to touch up the paint on the regular. Every time you wander in for a sandwich or snack, bang out a set number of pull-ups—it doesn't have to be anything outrageous, even a couple each time adds up—to keep yourself honest, and your fitness on track. ($35; perfectonline.com)

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The Beautiful Bar: Rogue Jammer Pull-Up Bar

The saving grace of most door units is that, no matter how ugly they are, they're easy to unmount and hide away when company is coming over (or, *cough*, when the wife tells you to). But the industrial-chic Jammer looks so good that you'll want it on display and mounted to the studs above your busiest doorway. Made of steel with typical Rogue Fitness quality, the 1.125-inch-diameter bar is available with a smooth or knurled finish for extra grip and can be customized with any one of 10 Cerakote (a rugged ceramic-composite coating) colors, including an eye-catching pink that's sure to win even the most decorous partner's approval. (from $150; roguefitness.com)

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The Budget Bar That Won't Budge: ProSource Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar

Budget-friendly doesn't have to mean cheap. This practically indestructible steel bar holds up to 300 pounds and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Unlike its cheap competitors, it won't flex and fidget mid-rep, so you can focus on the task of becoming a shredded beast. A dozen soft-foam grips give you plenty of options—narrow, neutral, wide, and hammer grip—for targeting different muscles and to keep challenging you. All of that for a fraction of the price of a monthly gym membership? Now that's value. ($24; prosourcefit.com)

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The Travel Bar: FLEXR Travel-Friendly Pull-Up Bar

Sticking to a fitness routine is hard at home, and damn near impossible on the road—unless, of course, you can easily haul your gym with you. While plenty claim that a compact, lightweight, and, yes, affordable telescopic bar is best for pull-ups on the go, we wouldn't trust them to hold even an Olympic gymnast, especially without their screw-to-frame brackets. Instead, opt for this new folding unit from FLEXR. It's made of sturdy steel and aircraft-grade aluminum, has the classic grip options, and folds down small enough (2' x 1' x 6") to fit in your suitcase. ($65; amazon.com)

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