13 Next-Level Home Fitness Products for Maximizing Your Workout

Sure, exercising at home might not inspire you to break out the workout clothes, but that's probably because you just have the wrong stuff. So put the dusty NordicTrack on the curb and instead stock your spare room with this sublime workout gear—you'll be fighting fit in no time.

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Mirror Group Fitness Experience

When it's off, it's exactly what its name implies—a tasteful, full-length mirror. When you turn it on, though, The Mirror becomes an interactive home gym, able to stream live and on-demand group fitness classes directly into your living room. What's more, it'll scale any workout—be it high-intensity boxing or laidback stretching—with customized form tips and exercise modifications in real time to fit your current goals, fitness and skill level. With 50-plus new live classes per week across a handful of categories—including cardio, strength, boxing, stretching, yoga, barre, and pilates—and a growing library of on-demand classes available 24/7, there's always fresh content to keep your workouts exciting. If you want something even more customized, look out for personal training in spring of next year. ($1,495, plus $39/month class subscription; mirror.co)

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Kettlebell Kings Adjustable Kettlebell

There's been a surge of interest, in recent years, in kettlebell training. That's because its powerful combination of strength and conditioning means that every exercise—whether an explosive swing or clean, a grinding press, squat or a Turkish get-up—gives you a full-body workout. This adjustable bell is like seven bells (10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 pounds) in one, allowing you to save money, and not to mention space in your home gym. Adding and removing weighted plates is a snap, so you can quickly and easily transition between high- and low-rep exercises. ($130; kettlebellkings.com)

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Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro Pull-Up Bar

Pull-ups are among the best bodyweight exercises for building upper body strength. A doorway pull-up bar, like this one, with multiple grip options is an efficient, budget-friendly way of ensuring you actually do them. Strategically place the Multi-Gym Pro in a higher-traffic area of your home—the kitchen doorway, say—and bang out a set of pull-ups every time you walk through the door. It doesn't have to be anything outrageous; even a few reps each time seriously adds up. This particular bar allows for wide-, neutral- and narrow-grip pull-ups, as well as chin-ups. It also holds up to 300 pounds and—bonus!—won't scuff up your doorway, on account of its wide rectangular support pads. ($35; perfectonline.com)

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TRX Tactical Gym Suspension Trainer

A fatigues-tan "tactical" version of the Navy SEAL-developed TRX suspension trainer may seem a little gimmicky, but there's more to these beefed-up straps than meets the eye. Upgrades to the standard home kit include military-grade hardware, rugged rubber handles, three anchor mounting solutions, a 12-week conditioning program and a one-year subscription to the app. And, of course, there's nothing contrived about this amazing bodyweight workout—based on seven foundational movements—that allows for hundreds of exercise variations and almost limitless intensity. ($220; trxtraining.com)

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Jabra Elite Active 65t Wireless Headphones

These true wireless buds don't have overly flashy next-gen tech like a built-in heart rate monitor, but the Elite Active 65t do virtually everything you'd want in smart headphones, and better than the competition. On top of the standard controls—play, pause and digital assistant—you can also adjust volume, change tracks forward or back, and answer or end calls without stopping mid-workout. The pair uses Bluetooth 5.0, which improves both connection strength and data speed, so you won't drop calls or experience stuttering music. Other cool features include a "Transparency" setting that allows environmental noise in for safety, the ability to use the earbuds solo or as a stereo pair, and super crisp calling. Oh, and the sound quality is great, too. Bottom line: These are your best buds to rock your workout without getting tangled in cords. ($190; jabra.com)

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TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

A huge part of maximizing your workouts is maximizing recovery. Increasingly, exercise research and fitness pros praise the benefits of self-myofascial release (read: massaging your own muscles) with foam rollers for improving muscular flexibility and reducing post-workout stiffness and pain. The 13-inch GRID is made of ABS pipe wrapped in textured EVA foam, which means it's firmer and more durable than standard high-density foam rollers. The foam exterior's textured surface delivers a variant of pressures as you roll, increasing blood flow—and delivering fresh oxygen and nutrients to speed up healing and recovery—to the targeted tissues. If you want a longer roller, try picking up the 26" GRID 2.0. ($35; tptherapy.com)

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Rogue Fitness SR-2S Speed Rope 2.0

A highly underrated cardio workout that most anyone can do, jump-roping burns the equivalent calories to running a 7:30 mile (something most anyone can't do) and requires minimal equipment. Start with this high-performance jump rope, which has few rivals when it comes to quality construction, blazing speed, and a smooth spin. The key to its performance is two pivot points—one rotating from the handle and the other rolling on a ball bearing swivel—that give the PVC-coated steel wire a swift, smooth swing that's perfect for quick double-unders. Plus, the aircraft-grade aluminum handles have a grippy sandblast texture finish that won't slip from damp hands, so you can work up a sweat worry-free. If you have very wide shoulders, or want to work on tricks like crossovers and behind-the-back moves, opt instead for the longer-handled (6.75 inches, as opposed to 5.25) SR-2 2.0. ($41.50; roguefitness.com)

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Inov-8 F-Lite G 290 Sneakers

Billed as "the world's toughest shoe for the world's toughest workouts," the innovative F-Lite G 290 incorporates graphene—a one-atom-thick wonder material that's the lightest, strongest material known to man—into its rubber, for a sole that's 50 percent stronger, 50 percent more elastic, and 50 percent harder-wearing than previous iterations. In other words, it's both super grippy (for box jumps and herky-jerky HIIT moves) and super durable, a combination previously unheard of. Inov-8 also made the heel 40 percent denser, for max stability, power transfer and mechanical advantage during deadlifts and squats, and included its standard meta-flex grooves in the outsole for multidirectional flexibility. If that's not enough hard-charging credentials, Kevlar in the forefoot helps it stand up to rope climbs and other abuse. ($160; inov-8.com)

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Wahoo KICKR Indoor Smart Bike Trainer

Take your training rides indoors with the pro's choice, the updated Wahoo KICKR. With its specially engineered, oversized flywheel, it better replicates the sensation of riding on the road, plus it's so quiet that the only sound you'll hear (besides, say, the Game of Thrones episode you're binge-watching) is that of your chain shifting gears. Pair this high-tech smart trainer with an online training platform like Zwift or Trainer Road, and the resistance adjusts instantly and automatically to mimic the feel of real terrain up to a quad-busting 20 percent grade—increasing when the road kicks up, and decreasing when it heads downhill. The KICKR is the perfect training companion for cold, wet winter days, or for when you want to power worry-free through professional workouts, away from the noise—and threat—of automotive traffic. ($1,200; wahoofitness.com)

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Hyperwear Hyper Vest Elite Weight Vest

Level-up your squats, pushups, and burpees with this adjustable weight vest that can be loaded with up to 20 pounds of steel bars (in tiny, 2.25-ounce increments). The Hyper Vest is exceptionally low-profile, so you can move freely through the full range of motion, whatever you're doing. Open side panels allow for maximum ventilation, and the rugged cordura fabric is both moisture-wicking and—even when you inevitably do work up a sweat—odor-resistant. (From $260; hyperwear.com)

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Peloton Treadmill

The biggest selling point of the Tread is that—similar to its cycling sibling, Peloton—it's a virtual trainer with a massive, 32-inch touchscreen that connects you directly to NYC-based trainers for high-energy live run workouts and boot-camp-style strength routines. But it's also superior as a standalone treadmill, with powder-coated carbon steel rails connected to a rock-solid platform that doesn't shake during sprints, and a belt made of 59 rubber-molded slats that roll on ball bearings for a true roadlike feel that's easy on the joints. It also has a clean, minimalist design, with sleek handrail-mounted dials to adjust speed up to 12.5mph or raise the deck to a glute-burning 15 percent. ($3,995; onepeloton.com)

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Fairlife Core Power Elite Recovery Drink

While most serious athletes fuel post-workout recovery with protein supplements, many so-called "healthy" protein products are really sugar bombs that pack as much of the sweet stuff as a Coke or a Snickers. Not so with this high-protein milk shake from Fairlife, which has only 7-8 grams of sugar (depending on flavor) for 42* grams of protein. And because that protein is naturally occurring, high-quality whey and casein from milk, it contains all 9 essential amino acids that the body needs for lean muscle growth and tissue repair. As a bonus, it's not chalky or weird in your mouth but tastes creamy and delicious like, well, milk (when it's in shake form). (12 bottles for $50; amazon.com)

*Recent studies suggest that 20 grams of protein taken within two hours of exercise is most effective for promoting muscle growth, so drink just half a bottle for maximum benefit (and save the rest for tomorrow!).

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Primo Chalk Ball Weightlifting Chalk

When it comes to heavy foundational lifts—the pushes, pulls, and squats used by high-level athletes to develop strength and explosiveness—chalk is critical for preventing bar slips, and for keeping your hands blister-free. This premium, made-in-the-USA chalk dries up sweat for a superior grip without excessively drying out your hands. Blended with five essential oils and fine Epsom salt, Primo goes above and beyond standard chalks, actively conditioning your skin to reduce calluses and prevent tears. Plus, it smells really good—like cinnamon, wintergreen, or eucalyptus, depending on the nose—which is a welcome change from the usual wild animal workout scent. ($12; primochalk.com)

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