7 Best At-Home Dumbbell Sets

Whether you're shooting to squeeze in a few reps after work or steadfastly determined to pump iron 12 hours a week, it's not a bad idea to have a set of dumbbells within arm's reach—at all times. Thankfully, no matter your fitness level (or dedication), there's a perfect set for you. Just look at these seven for proof.

Multiple sets of vinyl dumbbells in assorted colors photo

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SPRI Deluxe Vinyl Dumbbells

If you're relatively new to weightlifting, or tired of the daily commute to the gym, this dumbbell set will get you set on the right track. Priced competitively for each pair, the set is a fitness investment worth your while. The pairs are even color-coded depending on their weight (ranging from 1 pound to 20), making them effortless to identify. ($8.98+ per pair; spri.com)

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York cast-iron dumbbell set with spinlocks photo

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York Fitness Cast Iron Dumbbell Spinlock

If you've been inside any fit person's home, you've like seen a set of these neatly stashed in a corner. They're perfect for tiny abodes: Since you can adjust the weight, there's no need to have multiple sets of dumbbells, meaning they take up minimal space. ($48.06; amazon.com)

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Red dumbbell set with tri grip and spinlock collars photo

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TNP Accessories Vinyl Dumbbell Set

The only downside to this set is the sheer size: There's no chance of you neatly stuffing them under your bed. On the other hand, everything else—the adjustable weight, the easy-grip handles, the sumptuous red-and-black coloring—makes this set a must-have. ($37.57 for 20 KG set; tnpaccessories.com)

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Bodymax Deluxe 40KG Dumbbells photo

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Bodymax Deluxe 40KG Hammertone Dumbbell Kit

Feast your eyes on a dumbbell set designed to last a lifetime, thanks to a sturdy multi-metal construction. Still, the weight and awkward grip of the dumbbells should be reserved for intermediate through advanced lifters. Pro tip: Don't drop the weights on your tile floor unless you want a new home project. ($97.50 for 40 KG set; powerhouse-fitness.com)

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Bowflex adjustable dumbbell set with 10 to 90-pound range photo

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Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbells

With the spin of a dial, you can alter the weight on these dumbbells from 10 pounds all the way up to 90. As such, you're getting an entire gym's worth of free weights—for the price of one. ($600 for 10-90 lb set; amazon.com)

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PowerBlock Sports dumbbells with rectangular shape photo

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PowerBlock Sports 5.0 Dumbbells

The square shape may seem odd at first, but worry not: once you get used to the slightly off-kilter weight distribution, these dumbbells give a killer workout. Better yet, they're color-coded, for total ease in memorizing your loads. ($329; powerblock.com)

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PowerBlock Stage 4 dumbbells with color coding photo

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PowerBlock U-90 Stage 4 Pros

For the seriously swole, this is the perfect set: It can be tuned all the way up to 125 pounds. Our advice? Keep these on the ground floor. You don't want to bust any holes in someone's ceiling in the event of an accident. ($379; powerblock.com)

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