8 Parkas That Will Get You Through Winter's Worst

Every winter, there comes a point where style takes a back seat, and your sartorial decisions all center around one primal goal: Keeping your internal body temperature above freezing. Well, as these high-tech and high-fashion parkas prove, you needn't sacrifice one in name of the other. Wear these, and you'll look great even when the weather isn't.

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Canada Goose Langford Parka

There's a reason everyone under the sun (or, um, winter-weather cloud cover) owns a Canada Goose coat: It's guaranteed to keep you really, really warm—and look great, too. This one is stuffed with down and features hand-knit cuffs to ensure not a whiff of frigid air makes contact with your torso. ($950; bloomingdales.com)

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The North Face Gatekeeper Waterproof Jacket

Dealing with winter air is, of course, no fun. But there's a little regarded and equally no-fun issue that can plague anyone rocking multiple layers: Excessive sweat. The solution, then, is to invest in a coat with underarm vents, like this beauty, from The North Face. You can cool down in an instant. ($299; nordstrom.com)

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Nobis Shelby Parka

The best coats in fashion lift designs from one place: The military. This hi-tech parka from Nobis is no exception. In addition to the requisite all-elements construction, it also features an extended "fishtail" in the rear to prevent condensation from entering your inner layers, ensuring you stay high and dry all winter long. ($995; nordstrom.com)

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Spiewak N3-B Aviation Tech-Twill Parka

Lined with lustrous teffeta and coated in literal teflon, this parka from Spiewak is practically Arctic-proof. Oh, and all the down is recycled, so you won't feel any environment-related guilt by wearing it. ($850; barneys.com)

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Patagonia City Storm Shell Down Parka

Walk through any financial district of any city and you'll see seas of Patagonia vests. But the company makes an amazing jacket, too. Their standard-issue down parka is warm, streamlined, and—fitting for any city dweller—trim and stylish to boot. ($500; mrporter.com)

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UGG Men's Butte Fur-Trim Hooded Parka Coat

That's right: UGG, the folks behind the world's warmest and coziest boots, make coats, too. Imagine what wearing a pair of UGGs on your body would feel like. Well, that's precisely what wearing this beautiful beast feels like. ($495; bergdorfgoodman.com)

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Eddie Bauer Chopper Versa Parka

Eddie Bauer's waterproof, windproof, breathable parka can keep you warm in degrees as low as -20º Fahrenheit. Negative 20! Unless you're about to set off on a cross-Antarctic quest, you'll probably be fine. (But, hey, safe is always better than sorry.) ($299; eddiebauer.com)

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Barneys New York Down-Quilted Cashmere Parka

Lined with Loro Piana's proprietary waterproof cashmere (yes, that's a thing) and cut to look like it belongs on a fashion week runway, you'll find no parka more envy-inducing than this luxe number from Barneys' in-house designers. ($2,795; barneys.com)

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