9 Best White T-Shirts for Spring You Should Be Buying in Bulk

Open any guy's closet—yes, literally any guy—and you're bound to find one thing: a plain white t-shirt. And for good reason. There's not a single piece of clothing that's more timelessly, effortlessly stylish. It's easy, it's comfy, and it looks great with everything. In other words, there's no good reason not to stock up on this simple staple.

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The Rail Slim Fit Crew Neck T-Shirt

Cut slim—through the chest, armholes, and sides—this shirt is ideal for layering. Bonus: you get two for the price of one. (2 for $30; nordstrom.com)

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Ted Baker Branded Anniversary Tee

If you've been hammering away in the weight room lately, pick up this shirt from Ted Baker. The tapered fit flatters your entire torso, while the bicep-hugging sleeves flatter, well, the rest. ($34; bloomingdales.com)

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NN07 Pima Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt

Made from perhaps the world's softest pima cotton, this shirt from NN07 is as close to wearing a cloud as wearing clothing can get. Good luck finding a softer base layer. ($55; mrporter.com)

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Calvin Klein Men's Slim Fit V-Neck Textured Tee

There's only one key to choosing a V-neck T-shirt: Don't go too deep. For a visual reference, this shirt, from Calvin Klein, has the perfect depth. ($30; macys.com)

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Nordstrom Men's Shop Tech-Smart Crew Neck T-Shirt

For the guys who can't stand higher temps, look no further than this do-it-all pick from Nordstrom. It's constructed entirely from a moisture-wicking, breathable cotton, to ensure you stay high and dry all day—and all night—long. ($50; nordstrom.com)

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Lacoste Stretch Cotton V-Neck Tee

Lacoste tees tend to a run a bit small, but it's no matter with this one: There's a touch of elastane in the cotton, so it'll conform to any body type. (2 for $37; bloomingdales.com)

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Brooks Brothers Red Fleece Slim Fit T-Shirt

Trim but not so trim you suffocate, this shirt from Brooks Brothers is made from cotton so soft it already feels broken-in. That's right: you don't have to beat this thing into the ground first. ($25; macys.com)

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Vince Short-Sleeve V-Neck Pima Jersey T-Shirt

No surprise that the master of the T-shirt, Vince, has one of the world's best plain white tees. It's snug, it's trim, and it hangs just low enough. ($55; neimanmarcus.com)

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Tommy Bahama New Bali Skyline T-Shirt

If you're looking for a long-sleeve plain white tee, you'd be hard-pressed to be better than this option from Tommy Bahama. With a loose fit and super-soft cotton, it's the perfect thing to wear on a lazy Sunday. ($72; nordstrom.com)

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