10 Rugged Sweaters for Unleashing Your Inner Sailor

There's a lot to love about fall (beautiful foliage, tons of holidays, pumpkin-flavored everything). But the best part, we'd posit, is that sweaters finally come out to play—specifically, the type of chunky, tough-as-nails sweaters. They layer easy, keep you warm, and, if you're feeling a little gluttonous, hide any damage done to your waistline over the Thanksgiving-to-New-Years stretch. Oh, and they look fantastic, too.

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Striped Wool Turtleneck, by Polo Ralph Lauren

The design here is literally lifted from uniforms the French navy wore in the 1800s, albeit updated for modern times, with a trim, flattering cut and luxurious Italian wool that's sure to keep you warm no matter what elements head your way. You don't get more nautical than that. ($328; ralphlauren.com)

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Men's gray/blue sweater with pattern around the collar photo

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Jacquard Sweater, by Zara

One part avant-garde art piece, one part Arctic-worthy piece of armor, this chunky knit from Zara is a surefire cornerstone come winter. As a bonus, the ribbed cuffs will ensure no frigid air (or snow) runs up your sleeves. ($70; zara.com)

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Marlow Wool Blend Jumper, by Jack Wills

You can't go wrong with the classics, and this cable-knit sweater from Jack Wills is as resolutely classic as things can get. It's available in six colors, including standard-issue steely navy and gray, but we're partial to the ginger (pictured)—just out-there enough to be something different without being so wild it totally rocks the boat. ($92; jackwills.com)

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Men's very dark green cable-knit with cold full-zip zipper photo

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Cable Knit Zip-Up, by Camoshita

Unleash your inner lumberjack with a sweater so thick it looks like it could stop an arrow. (Note: It can't. Don't try at home.) This zip-up from Camoshita mixes Ivy League influences with Artic Circle ruggedness for what may be the most stylish piece of cold weather armor on the planet. ($650; mrporter.com)

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Donegal Shawl Collar Sweater, by Brooks Brothers

Thanks to the angular cut, a shawl collar instantly makes your shoulders look broader and your waist look more narrow. (This is always a good thing.) And bonus: You won't need to invest in a scarf. ($168; brooksbrothers.com)

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Cashmere Gradient Crew Sweater, by Club Monaco

Color blocking: out. Subtle gradients: in. For maximum effect, choose a sweater that goes from dark to slightly darker, like this one, from Club Monaco. You'll ooze the perfect mix of edge and class. ($398; clubmonaco.com)

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Marled Turtleneck, by Abercrombie & Fitch

Few things are cozier than a thick turtleneck in the throes of chilly weather. Abercrombie's standard-issue iteration runs a little slouchy, so you can layer underneath as fall wanes and winter begins. ($88; abercrombie.com)

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Men's deep burgundy v-neck sweater with a white button-up shirt layered underneath. photo

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Merino V-Neck, by Bonobos

This V-neck from Bonobos is the type of do-it-all closet cornerstone you stock up on. It's soft, it's affordable, it fits great, and it comes in a bazillion colors. We're partial to the burgundy (pictured), but you'll also find everything from espresso and poppy red to heather navy and marl grey. ($98; bonobos.com)

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Trevor Aran Crew, by Rag & Bone

Pick the wrong cable-knit and you'll quickly find yourself in wizened professor territory—which, while possibly great for your CV, isn't exactly great for your look. Go for something with a narrow waist, slightly deep collar, and unique patterning, like this option, from Rag & Bone. ($450; rag-bone.com)

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Men's waffle-knit turtleneck-style cardigan with photo

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Stark Waffle-Knit Mélange Cardigan, by S.N.S. Herning

The buttons on some cardigans stop at the naval. Those cardigans are inferior. With a full set of buttons, you can go cinch them all (funky looking, but warm), leave a few on the top undone (laissez-faire and chic), or play around in any which way until you find what suits—and looks best—for you. ($350; mrporter.com)

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