11 Must-Have Stylish Pants for Fall

Every style-minded guy knows that pants are the final vanguard. Anyone can take a risk on a totally out-out-character topcoat or pair of boots. But the lower half is where men tend to play it safe. This fall, vow to venture a step out of your comfort zone. As these sumptuous picks prove, it's not as scary as you'd imagine.

Rodney Slim Fit Checked Trousers, by Reiss photo

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Rodney Slim Fit Checked Trousers, by Reiss

Yes, it can be scary to venture out of the relative safety of single-color neutrals. Choose the wrong pattern, and you'll instantly look shorter, wider, and style-deficient. But if you opt for a subtle pattern in a slim fit—like the understated windowpane on these grayscale trousers, from Reiss—you'll look the opposite: taller, slimmer, and wholly in control of your look. ($245; reiss.com)

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Semi Tech Pant, by Theory photo

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Semi Tech Pant, by Theory

Fact: like black, burgundy looks good on everyone, all the time. And yet, most people steer clear. Brave the stormy waters of rouge pants by picking up a pair in a trim fit, like this option, from Theory. Bonus: It's done up in a lightweight cotton for maximum breathability and easy year-round wear. ($265; theory.com)

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Italian Brushed 5-Pocket Pant, by Bonobos photo

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Italian Brushed 5-Pocket Pant, by Bonobos

Sure, at first glance, this unassuming pair of pants might look like your run-of-the-mill office drone chino. But make no mistake: the 5-pocket pant, with its rugged material and gold miner pedigree, oozes far more testosterone than the average pair of Dockers. For maximum style, get them in an off-kilter color, like this (picture) vivacious goldenrod. ($178; bonobos.com)

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Olive Infantry Cargo Pant, by Todd Snyder photo

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Olive Infantry Cargo Pant, by Todd Snyder

We know what you're thinking: cargo pants? Really? Yes—really. Sure, as recently as a few years back, the style was utterly verboten. But if you hew slim and keep thing neutral (that means no camo, by the way), you'll find yourself ahead of the pack on one of the season's hottest trends. Just make sure not to actually use the pockets; otherwise, you'll bulk up your silhouette—and that's an absolute no-go. (245; toddsnyder.com)

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Donegal Sweatpant, by Club Monaco photo

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Donegal Sweatpant, by Club Monaco

Is it a herringbone dress pant or an ultra-luxe pair of sweats? Well, the answer is up to you. Officially, this sumptuous pair from Club Monaco is a jogger. But pair them with a nice V-neck sweater over an OCBD and you'll easily be able to pass them off as a more formal pair. ($140; clubmonaco.com)

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Cordtro, by Ted Baker photo

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Cordtro, by Ted Baker

Wearing cords is risky business. Pick too wide of a leg or too tepid a color, and you instantly look like an early '90s scenester—and not in a good way. Thankfully, Ted Baker's pants are neither: they're slim through the leg, feature a pencil-thin corduroy, and come in three vivacious colors, including this reserved pink hue. Bonus: the lining is a total blast (not that you'd be flaunting that in public anyway). ($175; tedbaker.com)

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Selvedge Jeans in Slim Fit with GapFlex, by Gap photo

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Selvedge Jeans in Slim Fit with GapFlex, by Gap

If you don't have a pair of selvedge denim in your repertoire, it's time to change that. When you first put your pair on, you'll feel like you're wearing a straightjacket on your legs. But, soon enough, the denim will contort to your body's shape, resulting in a one-of-a-kind pair of pants. What's more, since selvedge is tougher than normal denim, the pair will last forever. Generally, selvedge jeans run crazy price tags. But Gap, that ever-reliable proprietor of denim, has options that are a fraction of the price of competitors—and just as sturdy and stylish, too. ($108; gap.com)

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Gehry Slim-Fit Chinos, by Salle Privée photo

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Gehry Slim-Fit Chinos, by Salle Privée

They say you can't wear white after Labor Day. With all due respect, "they" don't really know what they're talking about. The trick is wearing a pair in a thick, rugged fabric (as seen here) and coupling them up with killer boots and an equally rugged sweater. Oh, and you'll want to steer clear of muddy, wintry slush, too. ($390; mrporter.com)

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Tartan Wool Twill Trouser, by Polo Ralph Lauren photo

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Tartan Wool Twill Trouser, by Polo Ralph Lauren

If you hail from a particularly frigid locale, these tartan trousers from Polo Ralph Lauren will be your best friend in the coming months. For starters, they're constructed from handspun Irish wool. Then, for added warmth, you'll find that they're lined to the knee. Oh, and the pattern is a total blast; if a little reminiscent of boarding school. To ensure you don't veer too far into prepster territory, rock this pair with your most punk-rock leather jacket. ($395; ralphlauren.com)

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Turbo Wool Slim Fit Trousers, by The Kooples photo

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Turbo Wool Slim Fit Trousers, by The Kooples

Every guy should have a pair of black wool trousers in his closet—a sartorial anchor that will work with everything else. This pair, though, from The Kooples, has a subtle texturing that is sure to set them apart from every other similar pair of pants. ($295; bloomingdales.com)

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484 Slim-Fit Pant in Brushed Twill, by J. Crew photo

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484 Slim-Fit Pant in Brushed Twill, by J. Crew

Generally, twill trousers aren't exactly comfortable. Warm, sure—but not the type of bottoms you'd want to wear on an errands-heavy Sunday. Enter: this pair, from J. Crew, which are constructed with extra elasticity so you can be cozy and comfortable and stylish in equal measure. ($90; jcrew.com)

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