10 Lightweight Jackets Perfect for Battling Spring Weather

The transition from winter's frigid temperatures to summer's glorious sun can often feel painfully slow. But it becomes a lot easier to bear when you view spring as just another new opportunity to flex some sartorial muscle. Throw on any of the lightweight jackets below to sharpen your spring style like a samurai sharpens his katana.

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Baracuta Harrington G9

The preferred lightweight jacket of Steve McQueen's Thomas Crown and Daniel Craig's James Bond, the Harrington has been a spring staple for 50 years for one simple reason: it looks incredible. And, it's the perfect weight for spring. Oh, and it helps keep you dry. So, ok, three simple reasons. ($390; baracuta.com)

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Water-Resistant Trench Coat

When it comes to classic spring staples, few things are more classic than the trench coat. (Thanks, Bogey!) Whether you're singing in the rain or sprinting it through it on your way to work, nothing says "I'm a gentleman trying to stay dry" quite like the trench coat. ($269; bananarepublic.gap.com)

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Field Jacket

Field jackets were originally designed for servicemen in the armed forces, and quickly became adopted by civilians for both their practicality and their style. Grab one in army green to evoke the jacket's past, or try one in navy blue for a look that's more suited to the city street than the battlefield. ($135; amazon.com)

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Slim Fit Peacoat

Long a stalwart of men's style in the fall and winter, lighter weight peacoats are a relatively recent invention that allow you to invoke classic nautical style in slightly warmer temperatures. While the traditional wool models will carry you through the winter, for spring, look for models that blend in light-as-a-feather polyester, like the DKNY style here. ($120; amazon.com)

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Bryant Stretch Tech Jacket

Guys these days have to worry about a million questions the moment they walk out the door. What's on the schedule today? Is it gonna rain? Does this jacket work with this look? Well, gents, there's an instant answer to any question of this nature: Throw on a tech jacket. Clean, minimalist, and impervious to the weather, it's the perfect all-occasion jacket. And if yours happens to look as downright amazing as this one from North & Mark, well, hey—that's just icing on the cake. ($245; northandmark.com)

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Lightweight Hooded Jacket

Sometimes function trumps form—especially when you're caught in the rain without an umbrella. Having a lightweight, waterproof hoody scrunched up in your bag can be a great way to keep your head (and the rest of your outfit) dry, without having to carry an umbrella around all day. At less than the price of your average button-down, this jacket is quite a steal, too. ($39; uniqlo.com)

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Casual Blazer

In previous eras, men would wear a full suit to work, and a trench coat over top if they needed an extra layer. (See: Draper, Don.) In today's more casual climate, you can wear an unstructured blazer as your outer layer, and decide for yourself whether to take it off at the office, or leave it on (and, in all likelihood, out-dress the other guys). (From $70; amazon.com)

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Trucker Denim Jacket

With the possible exception of leaves on trees, few things signal the arrival of spring more tellingly than the emergence of denim jackets on city streets. Levi's has created endless variations of their classic denim Trucker jacket over the years, but the truth is their original design looks as good today as it did when it first debuted all those decades ago—and will continue looking just as good decades from now, too. ($98; levi.com)

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Khaki Coach Jacket

Named for the lightweight (and often brightly colored) jackets worn by football coaches frantically pacing the sidelines, this style has crept into the menswear world to offer a hipper alternative to the classic mac. For maximum results—so you don't accidentally lean too hard into masculine proclivities—pair yours with a vivacious patterned shirt. ($40; asos.com)

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Biker Jacket

In the age of the polar vortex, spring isn't what it used to be. Sometimes the sun doesn't quite get the memo on March 21st, and cooler climes continue well past the day the calendar considers the start of spring. A leather moto jacket can be the perfect transition piece to help bridge those few weeks between heavy down parka weather and lightweight denim jacket weather. (From $150; amazon.com)

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