7 Camel-Hair Coats That Work With Any Outfit

When you think of colors that effortlessly pair with anything, what comes to mind? Black. Gray. Navy. But there's another hue you may be missing: camel. For best results, throw it on as your top layer for a buttery, golden finishing touch.

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Mr P. Virgin Wool And Camel Hair-Blend Overcoat

Mr. P's (that's the relatively new in-house design brand for Mr. Porter, by the way) camel hair coat runs slim, but not so slim that you can't layer it over your thickest, warmest suit. If your goal is to maintain a flattering silhouette through the coldest snap of the year, a coat like this is your best bet. ($895; mrporter.com)

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Brooks Brothers Camel Hair Polo Coat

Made entirely from camel hair (as opposed to camel-colored wool, like the coats of lesser-priced competitors), this tailored-to-a-tee number from Brooks Brothers is the rare type of top layer that utterly resists trends. It'll look great with any outfit, any year, from now until the end of time. ($1,698; brooksbrothers.com)

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Prada Slim-Fit Camel Hair Coat

You wouldn't think a coat this lightweight and pliable could be so insulating. You'd be wrong. All around, Prada's slim-fit coat is an exercise in defying expectations. Not only will it keep you as warm as a down parka would, it's also somehow paper-thin enough to effortlessly slide over even the thickest suit. ($4,960; mrporter.com)

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Brooks Brothers Red Fleece Topcoat

If you're not in the mood to blow your entire bonus on a single garment, consider this option from Brooks Brothers Red Fleece. It's just as warm and stylish as anything else on the market, but comes at a fraction of the price. ($498; brooksbrothers.com)

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Billy Reid Camel Hair Single Breasted Gregory Car Coat

Horn buttons, sleek patch pockets, and sharp peak lapels all pull double duty to make this camel topcoat from Billy Reid a picture-perfect example of detail-oriented style. ($895; amazon.com)

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Isaia Colorado Overcoat

For a laughably luxurious piece of outwear, allow us to present this slim-fit coat from Isaia. Handcrafted in Italy, made from baby camelhair, and inspired by the curt coats of the 20th century, this is a piece of art that becomes an instant heirloom. ($4,000; us.isaia.it)

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Paul Smith Double-Breasted Cashmere-Blend Coat

Slip into a double-breasted topcoat and you'll instantly make your shoulders look broader and your waist trimmer. Who doesn't want that? Bonus: this Paul Smith beauty is mostly cashmere. ($1,395; mrporter.com)

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