12 Next-Level Black T-Shirts Worth Buying By the Dozen

There are few pieces of menswear more iconic than the plain black tee, and for good reason. It's instantly slimming. It hides sweat stains. It works just as well on the red carpet as it does in the weight room. Few wardrobe essentials are more, well, essential. Basically, if your wardrobe is your Everest—which is the case for most style-minded men—then the black t-shirt is Base Camp.

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H&M Slim Fit 3-Pack

The Swedish retailer's slim fit tees are made from 95 percent cotton and 5 percent elastane, which gives them the perfect amount of stretch. If you've been hitting the gym, these tees are the perfect way to show off your progress without looking like you're wearing spandex. ($25; hm.com)

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Hanes Men's ComfortSoft T-Shirt

Hanes have been found in the drawers of American men for decades now, and their staying power is no surprise. Their black tees are as classic and all-American as attire gets. While they don't necessarily hug your body quite as snugly as some of the other t-shirts on the market, they evoke the classic cool of such heavy-hitting A-listers as James Dean or George Clooney. ($15; amazon.com)

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Uniqlo Men Supima Cotton Crew Neck Shirt

Created by Uniqlo artistic director Christophe Lemaire and a team of international designers, the Japanese retailer has adopted the motto "back to basics, but softer," and created Supima cotton tees that feel as good as they look. ($10; uniqlo.com)

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J.Crew Essential Crewneck T-Shirt

J.Crew puts a high-quality spin on the classic black tee by using fabrics that are both a little softer than traditional cotton, and likely to last a little longer. Thanks to the fit—snug enough to flatter, but not so snug it constricts—this black t-shirt is the perfect option for throwing on under a blazer. ($20; jcrew.com)

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Banana Republic Luxury-Touch Crew-Neck

If you made a four-way Venn diagram of fit, style, comfort, and price, the luxury touch polos, from Banana Republic, would live square in the center. And recently, the brand has expanded into making luxury touch crew neck tees. (Boo-yah.) Though they're 100-percent cotton, the shirts both look and feel like they're made from a silk-like material, which gives them a more polished, elevated sheen. ($35; bananarepublic.com)

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Calvin Klein Men's Body Slim Fit Tee

Calvin Klein is one of the most iconic brands in all of fashion, and it's in no small part due to their well-fitting tees. Opt for the Body line of slim-fit tees for a shirt that's a little more form-flattering than the classic model. Bonus: you get three for the price of one. ($30+; amazon.com)

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Gap Classic T-Shirt

The Gap became a staple of malls everywhere by perfectly nailing menswear essentials—chinos, sweatshirts, and tees—and offering them at great prices. While their Classic tees don't have quite the same sheen as their big brother brand Banana Republic's (try saying that five times fast), the fit is similar, and the construction quality is startlingly high for the price. ($20; gap.com)

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Real Essentials Athletic Performance Tee

A bit on the athletic side, Real Essentials' dry-fit tees are made from a polyester that wicks moisture. While they're designed for athletic performance, the ultra-soft fabric makes them great for casual scenarios on sunny days—they also rock a UPF 50+ protection that protects you from UV rays. ($30; amazon.com)

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Gildan Men's Ultra Cotton T-Shirt

Gildan's Ultra Cotton tee is as comfortable and classic as it gets. That said, it won't offer the same stretch you might find elsewhere. Keep that in mind when shopping; you may want to size up in order to avoid the "stuffed sausage" look. ($17; amazon.com)

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Goodfellow & Co Men's Tee

Target's private label, Goodfellow & Co, has been making inroads into the world of stylish, low-cost menswear for a while now, and they unsurprisingly nail it with their classic black tee. Fitted through the chest, it's the type of shirt that will help you cut a striking silhouette by emphasizing the muscles you want people to notice: your pecs, your shoulders, and (of course) your arms. ($14; target.com)

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J. Crew Factory Cotton Slub Henley

To switch up your t-shirt game—if only slightly—consider picking up a henley. You'll instantly give off a rugged, laid-back vibe. (There's a reason, after all, why the loveable rogue main character in treasure-hunting flicks always seems to wear one.) And for the rare days you don't feel like wearing black, this shirt comes in five different, equally versatile colors. ($24; factory.jcrew.com)

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Calvin Klein V-Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Sure, long-sleeve t-shirts may have lost popularity since the heyday of Friends. But they're just as effortlessly stylish now as they were then. If you're looking for a cozy, breathable, well-fitting, and—most importantly—an affordable one, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better option than Calvin Klein's standard-issue shirt. ($18+; amazon.com)

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