The 7 Best Boxer Briefs for Men

Of course, we want you to dress to your heart's content. But if there's one area where homogeny is a good thing, it's your base layer. By choosing the perfect go-to pair of underwear—something that's breathable and flattering in equal measure, and doesn't create unwanted lines in your silhouette—you've instantly eliminated one needless decision from your morning routine. Go forth in comfort.

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2(X)IST 3-Pack No Show Trunks

You'll find few pairs of trunks more breathable thank this option from 2(X)IST. Bonus: it comes in three tones, so you can consistently switch things up. ($39;

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Secondskin Air Knit Cotton-Jersey Boxer Briefs

The folks at Secondskin chose an appropriate brand name: wearing their stuff really does feel like you're just living in your own skin. ($70;

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Emporio Armani Men's 3-Pack Boxer Briefs

Armani's singular focus on flattering fits isn't limited to tailoring. The base layer gets the same treatment, too. ($44;

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Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Boxer Briefs

Sometimes, it's nice to know that, underneath it all, there's a world of wild color. ($40;

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Calvin Klein Cotton Classics Boxer Briefs

You can never go wrong with the classic. Sure, you might not find yourself on a Times Sqaure billboard, imitating Marky Mark—but you'll be more comfortable than you've ever been in your life. ($40;

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Schiesser Karl Heinz Three-Pack Cotton-Jersey Boxer Briefs

For some guys, the slim-fit look is tough to pull off for one reason: their underwear is too baggy. These fitted briefs are sure to solve that problem. ($120;

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Lacoste Men's Cotton Boxer Briefs 3-Pack

Sporty and supremely comfortable, this all-cotton option from Lacoste is a perfect buy-in-bulk cornerstone for any underwear drawer. ($43;

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