9 Amazing Suits for Under $500

Every man who has ever had or applied for (or even thought about) a job likely has a blue or even a gray suit hanging up in his closet. But what about something with a little more pizzazz? As in: anything but navy or gray? Typically, you'd have to break the bank to pick up a suit like that. Not anymore. What follows is a collection of the best bang for your buck—everything's under $500—when it comes to standing out.

Olive green suit jacket, vest, and pants from Heart & Dagger photo

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Heart & Dagger Skinny Fit Three-Piece Suit

Built for the modern man who appreciates his avocado toast and an occasional artisanal cocktail, this suit can be worn all together for full impact, or broken up to achieve a more subtle style statement. It may be cut to fit close to the body, but with a nice amount of stretch, there isn't any worry that it won't move the way you do, like on a bike or something. ($317; asos.com)

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Gray plaid suit from 8 Suits photo

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8 Plaid Suit

Simple in construction but strong in sophistication, this Glen Plaid suit is made in Italy—so it's for real. Keeping with Italian tradition, with a double vent in the back and an understated lapel, this suit will have heads turning as you walk down the street looking like you know exactly what you're doing. ($372; yoox.com)

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Gray extra-slim suit by Calvin Klein photo

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Calvin Klein Extra-Slim Birdseye Suit

If you're not sure you can go with an over-the-top plaid quite yet, but you've exhausted your navy and gray options, opting for a Birdseye fabric in a neutral tone—like this black-and white-number from Calvin Klein—is going to be your best bet. Because this color is familiar, chances are, you already have stuff to match. You can step out of your comfort zone while remaining in familiar territory. ($149.99; macys.com)

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Gray tweed suit with matching jacket, pants, and vest from Moss London photo

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Moss London Skinny Fit Three-Piece Suit

Less isn't always more—especially when it comes to parts of a suit. Why buy two when you can get three at such a great deal? This wool and cotton blend fleck check suit is a perfect suit to wear all year long. Break it up and wear the vest under a navy blazer, or pair the pants with a chunky turtleneck. You have almost endless options to make this already affordable suit even more of a value. ($442; asos.com)

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Tan two piece suit from Neiman Marcus photo

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Neiman Marcus Sharkskin Suit

All the fun of a casual khaki suit without breaking any of the business rules. This tan sharkskin suit is a great option for a summer wedding or a winter cocktail party. The color allows it to be casual, the fabric allows it to be dressed-up, and the price allows it to be worn as much or as little as you want—you'll never regret having this option hanging up in your closet. ($499; lastcall.com)

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Man in burgundy suit with black turtleneck underneath photo

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Burgundy Muscle Fit Suit

Sure, not every man can wear a burgundy suit. But have you ever seen a man in a burgundy suit before? We bet you remember him, right? Exactly. This suit cuts slim but has the perfect amount of stretch, so any dude can fit in it. ($350; topman.com)

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Chocolate brown jacket, vest, and pants from Ralp Lauren photo

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Lauren Ralph Lauren Birdseye Three-Piece Ultraflex Suit

A chocolate brown suit is a surprisingly versatile option for anytime of year. It looks great with the rich and festive colors of the holidays, but pairs perfectly with butter yellows and chambrays in the warmer months. It's a touch over $500, but believe us, considering how many heads you'll turn, it's well worth it. ($695; macys.com)

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Navy and green plaid suit with jacket, vest, and pants photo

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Asos Skinny Fit Three-Piece Plaid Suit

Big, bold, tartan-esque plaids are having a moment right now, but they may make their way back to passé for those who like to keep up with all the latest trends. That makes this three-piece option a perfect pick if you don't want to stick to trend. Go hard with all three pieces together, or go easy with just a subtle touch with the jacket, or vest, or trousers. And if you're really on the fence, don't worry: these pieces are sold as separates. ($250; asos.com)

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Black trim fit tuxedo from Nordstrom photo

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Nordstrom Men's Shop Trim Fit Tuxedo

You may not want to wear this everywhere, but it's still a worthy purchase. After all, a nice-looking, well-fitting tuxedo isn't one that you rent—it's one that you own. Even if a tuxedo place guarantees you'll like the way you look, it's a better bet you'll end up paying too much and looking unkempt anyway. At this price, a classic like this one will pay for itself in no time. ($429; shop.nordstrom.com)

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