10 New Casual Office Essentials

Sure, some of the more traditional trades still require a suit and tie. But these days, you can impress your boss without ever setting foot in the suit department. The key is finding a balance between crisp and casual. (For starters: Leave the hoodies and baggy jeans at home.)

Orange socks in a basket weave pattern photo

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Happy Socks Dressed Basket Weave Socks

Socks are the new ties. But if you're not quite grasping that concept, think about it like this: Guys don't have a lot of opportunity for self-expression when it comes to work attire. We used to be able to wear a tie to show a little personality. Now, we wear socks to show our personality instead. These vivid offerings from Happy Socks are tastefully bright and interesting without being the slightest bit ridiculous or ugly. ($22; happysocks.com)

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White Adidas sneakers with three stripes on the side photo

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Adidas Superstar Coated Leather Sneakers

The nice white leather sneaker has officially replaced the dress shoe for just about any occasion. Nowadays, magazines devote entire spreads (and companies book entire billboards) to wearing suits and white sneakers. You know why? Because it's the apex of looks and comfort. If that isn't business-meets-casual, we're not sure what is. Just make sure you keep them fairly clean. Crisp white sneakers look nice. Crusty worn-out sneakers don't. ($80; lordandtaylor.com)

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Slim-fit drawstring trousers in black photo

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Acne Studios Ryder Slim-Fit Wool And Mohair Drawstring Trousers

We know the jogger trend is alive and high-kicking, but let's not confuse these supreme trousers by Acne Studios with the common "jogger." This pair is crafted from a refined wool-and-mohair blend and is cut with a tailored, tapered leg and crisp crease, just like your favorite dress pant. It's up to you wether or not you brag about how comfortable the elastic waistband is. After all, these look so good, no one will guess these aren't anything other than a classic dress pant—unless you tell them. ($310; mrporter.com)

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Denim button-up shirt with rolled sleeves photo

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Vince Double Face Cotton Long-Sleeve Shirt

Just because things have gone casual, that does not mean your boss wants you to roll up in a t-shirt. If you work in a sea of tees, then by all means. For most of us who want to step it up and dress-to-impress, a collar makes that a lot easier. That being said, forget the heavy starch and collar-stays; this washed indigo cotton shirt looks its best when it looks relaxed. Who doesn't want to look relaxed? ($195; vince.com)

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White long-sleeve cashmere top from James Perse photo

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James Perse Cashmere Thermal Raglan

Part cozy thermal, part cashmere sweater, this piece of clothing is practically designed for a causal-meets-business attire. The nice thing about this sweater is it looks great when dressed up over a collared shirt, and it looks just as great when dressed down with jeans and a t-shirt. Who knows, maybe throwing this on over your tee would be enough to take you from shlub to sophisticated. Yes, it's as easy as that. ($350; jamesperse.com)

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Deep purple blazer from Ralph Lauren's Purple Label collection photo

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Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Knit Cotton-Blend Sport Coat

Straight from Ralph Lauren's Purple Label collection, this standout blazer plays by the business rules all while breaking them at the same time. Finely made and tailored, it subs in perfectly for a more stuffy blazer but also looks like a million bucks when paired with a simple t-shirt or sweater (maybe that casual thermal above) and a broken-in, worn-out pair of your favorite jeans. ($1,495; ralphlauren.com)

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Fitbit smart watch with waterproof technology photo

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Fitbit Ionic Smart Fitness Watch

Standing desks and body balls and whatever the heck that Cubii thing is—these are all weird fads people read about to be in better shape at work. Well, Fitbit's new Ionic Smart Fitness Watch goes from work to the gym and even the pool with you, allowing you to be in control of your post-work work-out out of the office. The biggest difference between the Ionic and all those fad devices, aside from looking so much cooler, is with those, you're still chained to your desk. ($299.99; kohls.com)

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Denim jacket paired with a white cotton t-shirt photo

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Lucky Brand Lakewood Denim Jacket

Jean jackets are always in style. Always. So, it goes without saying you should have one as your easy get-to-work layer to throw on. A jean jacket also looks great under a suit jacket—and even works as an excellent makeshift pillow if your boss sends you on a last minute flight to woo a new client. ($89.50; luckybrand.com)

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Indigo puffy vest made with down-feathers photo

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Abercrombie & Fitch Down-Filled Vest

In the battlefield, camo makes you blend in; in the cube farm, it makes you stand out. Lucky for you, camo is done right in this hooded vest from Abercrombie. Leave the hood on if you're outside with the coworkers for a few minutes, or take it off if you're just running across the street to grab a bite to eat. This down-filled vest is a perfect add-on layer for any man who wants to be prepared for anything. ($98; abercrombie.com)

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Black Thom Browne backpack with front pocket photo

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Thom Browne Classic Backpack

Sure, you can buy any run-of-the-mill backpack, but if you're carrying all your important documents in it, then you should at least try to make it look a little more professional. This classic black backpack from Thom Browne is exactly that. Showing up with this will automatically demand respect, even if you are popping in with your pant leg rolled up after docking a CitiBike. That just means you're a modern business man. ($890; barneys.com)

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