7 Rolling Backpacks Perfect for Your Next Trip

Sometimes, a full-blown suitcase is just too much. Sometimes, a backpack doesn't quite cut it. Enter: the rolling backpack, the Goldilocks of luggage. It'll hold your stuff for a business trip or a weekend getaway, and today's options are markedly less geeky—and, in fact, far more stylish—than their reputation may suggest. So one-strap it, two-strap it, or better yet—kick down the wheels and no-strap it.

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High Sierra Powerglide Rolling Backpack

About as spacious as your average weekender, this beautiful beast from High Sierra features a complex, multi-compartment design. Bonus: you can a padded-protection laptop sleeve. It's the perfect bag for a quick business trip. ($170; macys.com)

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Tumi Merge Wheeled Backpack

Sleek and futuristic—in a jet-black ballistic nylon—this next-level bag from TUMI is the ne plus ultra of hybrid carry-ons. When you're not wheeling it, just flip up the bottom fabric to cover up the fact that it's a wheeling bag in the first place. ($650; nordstrom.com)

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Victorinox Swiss Army VX Sport Cadet Wheeled Laptop Backpack

For major trips, look no further than this Victorinox rolling backpack. It has more pockets than you can shake a boarding pass at. Plus, the vivid blue ensures that you'll instantly spot it at bag check. Not that you'd be checking something so effortlessly luggable, but still: it's always good to plan for contingencies. ($180; bloomingdales.com)

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Kipling Alcatraz II Rolling Backpack

At a mere 5.5 pounds, this compact rolling backpack from Kipling is ideal for a quick jaunt. If you find yourself on one of those planes without overhead containers (sorry!), it's sure to fit under the seat in front of you—no problem. ($229; macys.com)

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Samsonite Encompass Convertible Wheeled Backpack

With a water-resistant shell, key-fob access, and an RFID compartment, this Samsonite option might very well be the most secure rolling on the planet. ($300; samsonite.com)

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Hedgren Excitor Backpack on Wheels

Yes, it's called the "Excitor," but there's nothing exciting about this Hedgren backpack—and that's a good thing! You know exactly what you're getting: a solid, streamlined rolling backpack with no needless bells and whistles. ($185; hedgren.com)

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JWorld New York Sway Rolling Backpack

Come for the goes-with-anything sand. Stay for the soft, silent wheels. ($80; jworldstore.com)

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