6 Best No-Show Socks You'll Forget You're Even Wearing

As the temperature rises, so too does the inclination to go sock-free. We get it: few things feel better on a hot day than sliding your foot into cool leather. The thing is, you don't want to forgo socks entirely, though, or you'll quickly find yourself in the land of smelly feet (and painful blisters). Instead, bulk-buy a horde of no-show socks, which get the job done as invisibly and efficiently as an MI6-trained super-spy.

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hook + ALBERT 4-Pack Liner Socks

The point of a no-show sock is to never see it. (Duh.) But what about any situations where you'll have to kick off your shoes? The last thing you want is to show off some queasy-colored foot underwear. Enter: this stylish four-pack from hook + ALBERT. The minimalist design is available in four versatile colors, so you'll be good to lounge no matter what you're wearing on top. ($54; nordstrom.com)

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Stance Gamut 3-Pack No-Show Socks

Thanks to a silicone grip and some über-soft cushioning, Stance's standard-issue no-show socks are about as comfortable as no-show socks can get. The future-chic design isn't anything to sneeze at, either. ($25; bloomingdales.com)

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Mack Weldon Stealth Sock

There's a lot to dislike about the summer months, but few things are more offensive than the widespread scourge of insanely smelly feet. If you're guilty of some serious summer foot sweats, consider Mack Weldon's fittingly named "stealth" sock. (Get it? Because you can't see 'em.) They're equipped with weapons-grade anti-odor tech that's sure to banish even the most tenacious offenders. ($28; mackweldon.com)

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Marcoliani Five-Pack Invisible Touch Pima Cotton-Blend No-Show Socks

These no-show socks from Marcoliani are an exercise in challenging expectations. At first glance, sure, they may not look like much. But know that they're designed with maximum comfort in mind. For starters, they're made out of what may be the world's softest sock fabric—a blend of Pima cotton, nylon, and a touch of spandex. And then there's the topline, which is just the right amount of elastic: it'll give where you need it, but not so much that you chafe. What more can a guy ask from his summer footwear? ($95; mrporter.com)

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Sperry Invisible Shoe Liner Socks

It should be no surprise that Sperry, the brand behind one of America's most iconic boat shoes, also offers a flawless no-show sock. In addition to best-in-class comfort, the designers equipped this thing wiith a proprietary "wave-siping" grip at the heel, to ensure you never experience any slipping—no matter how long you have them on. ($16; macys.com)

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Paul Smith Multi-Block Cotton-Blend No-Show Socks

If you're looking to inject some flair into your look—even if no one is going to see it—look no further than these Paul Smith socks. Rocking a retro-inspired stripe design is an easy way to stand out in a sea of whites and grays. Bonus: they're insanely comfortable. ($20; bergdorfgoodman.com)

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