5 Extravagant Hats for the Most Awesome Kentucky Derby Ever

If there's ever a moment to flaunt a penchant for amazing hats, it's the Kentucky Derby. The annual horse race is renowned not only for its sport legacy, but for the flamboyant, colorful ensemble championed by its 160,000 attendees. From pork pie hats to bowlers, here's the headwear that's guaranteed to turn heads.

lime green pork pie hat from robert graham photo

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Robert Graham Green Maddur Pork Pie Hat

Nothing rejoices Spring more than a lime-green pork pie hat. This '50s-tinged number by Robert Graham is enhanced with a paisley band and silk lining, for maximum cooling comfort. ($49; robertgraham.us)

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red and black striped straw hat from delmonico photo

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DelMonico Boater Straw Hat

Going for a jovial candyman vibe? Look no further than this headwear by DelMonico. ($165; delmonicohatter.com)

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bright red wide-brimmed felt hat from gucci photo

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Gucci Red Felt Wide-brim Hat

What more could you expect from one of the most audacious luxury brands on the market? Gucci keeps the Italian extravagance a-flowing with this candy-apple-red wide-brim hat. ($980; gucci.com)

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tastefully aged bowler hat from kangol photo

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Kangol Aged Bowler

Known for its bucket hats, streetwear favorite Kangol dips into more elevated headwear territory with this sheeny velour bowler. ($80; amazon.com)

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blue jeans hat from armani photo

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Armani Jeans Blue Hat

Armani Jeans takes a more colorful approach to your standard brown and black fedora with this vibrant blue iteration. ($137; yoox.com)

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