6 Great Flashy Wallets for Bold Men

Of the holy trifecta of leaving-the-house items, the wallet (your phone and keys being the other two) may very well be the most important. Cash, cards, ID, a photo or two of the kids. No day works without those essentials. But the wallet is also a way to inject some personal style into any outfit without veering outside of your sartorial comfort zone.

Light blue stitched wallet with the word DOPP in the corner. photo

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Dopp RFID Slimfold Wallet

Vividly blue on the outside and vivaciously red on the inside, this slim wallet from Dopp is boss-level bold all the way through. If you're interested, you can opt for a gray interior—but that's no fun, now, is it? ($65; macys.com)

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Michael Kors multi-colored camouflage wallet. photo

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Michael Kors Mens Harrison Camouflage Billfold Wallet

Yes, camo (at least the traditional green-and-brown iteration) phases in and out of style. But a revved up abstract camo—like the print on this ultra-slim wallet from Michael Korsk—is always on the edge on what's "in." Put another way: It's always cool. ($88; michaelkors.com)

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Ted Baker blue wallet photo

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Ted Baker Shells Lizard-Effect Leather Bi-Fold Wallet

With Ted Baker stuff, remember: it's what's on the inside that counts. Sure, the exterior generally rocks (like the electric blue lizard-skin leather on this wallet). But the interior here (alternating gold-striped pockets coupled with burnished stainless steel hardware) is the selling point. ($79; tedbaker.com)

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Collage of colorful roses printed on a wallet photo

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Paul Smith "Rose Collage" Print Leather Billfold Wallet

Floral patterns can easily veer into boring, wallpaper-esque territory. But if you spring for an avant-garde design—like the loud-and-proud artwork on this Paul Smith wallet—you'll be safe. And since the thing has space for eight cards, all of your assets will be, too. ($220; paulsmith.com)

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Gray diamond-pattern wallet photo

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Dunhill Cadogan Leather Wallet

Generally, grayscale wallets aren't exactly out-there. But the knockout geometric design (not to mention the inimitably sumptuous leather) of this Dunhill option make it one of the boldest accessories money can buy—and go into. ($355; nordstrom.com)

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Black and white checkered pattern wallet photo

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Comme des Garçons Leather Half-Zip Wallet

Straight out of a midcentury drive-thru joint, with it bold checkerboard pattern, this Comme des Garçons wallet is a surefire way to stand out in a sea of black-leather bifolds. ($210; barneys.com)

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