9 High-Performance Polarized Sunglasses Fit for Any Sport

Fishing, skiing, golfing, biking—whatever your sport, a pair of polarized lenses will level-up your game. They're pricier than traditional lenses, sure, but they reduce reflected light and offer superior visual clarity. In other words: You see things better. And when your frames look as good as the following nine, well, the investment becomes a style upgrade, too.

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Smith Optics Guide's Choice

Sunglasses won't make you a better fisherman, but they can certainly improve your chances. Take the updated Guide's Choice, which incorporates Smith's confidence-inspiring ChromaPop—a polarized technology that eliminates color confusion by filtering specific color wave intersections—into a crystal-clear glass lens, so you can easily spot your next big catch lurking just below the glare of the water's surface. Full coverage frames keep the sun's rays at bay, and a detachable leash and sticky megol nose and temple pads keep them secure while you take the fight to the fish. With these in your tackle box, they'll hardly stand a chance. ($249; smithoptics.com)

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Rōka Phantom Titanium

Classic aviators aren't exactly what you picture as top-flight triathlon wear. But Rōka—which has made its name outfitting Ironman winners with the latest, greatest tech—says these sunglasses conceal their true performance chops. With shiny titanium frames that provide incredible strength-to-weight, the Phantom weighs in at only 20 grams—for the math-challenged, that's less than an ounce—making it light on weight and heavy on style, not to mention tough enough to shrug off multisport abuse. Polarized lenses cut down on road and water glare, and hydrophilic pads grip harder when you sweat. ($250; roka.com)

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Oakley Mercenary

With its unique double-bridge design, the Mercenary seamlessly incorporates the classic aviator look into the sleek, aerodynamic outline of a high-end sports frame. Rooted in performance while maintaining a casual sense of cool, Oakley's latest is packed with tech to help you be your best, from the links to the beach to, of course, the bar. Nylon-infused plastic frames are lightweight but durable, while Prizm polarized lenses block 99 percent of glare and fine-tune individual colors for specific environments. Not only does that enhance critical details to help you make split-second decisions (like: fairway wood or driving iron?), it also makes the world appear more vibrant and exciting, like you're walking through a well-rendered video game. ($203; oakley.com)

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Electric JJF Knoxville Sport

These unassumingly stylish Italian-made sunglasses take their initials—and perhaps inspiration—from John John Florence, a fearless pro surfer who's paddled his surfboard into the man-eating big waves and barrels of Oahu's North Shore since he was only five. Polarized lenses provide visual clarity and filter out glare, but it's the tough-acting frames that really impress. Made from a bendy but bombproof Grilamid plastic (the same stuff in ski boots) with strong, double-action hinges, these shades won't fail you, no matter how bad the wipeout. ($170; electriccalifornia.com)

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Kaenon Burnet Mid

While these new sunglasses may have a slightly retro style, they sport the very latest lens technology. And that's no small thing coming from Kaenon, a small California company that launched in 2001, staking its claim on a proprietary new lens material, SR-91, that was said to "combine the highest optical quality of the finest glass lenses with the ultra-lightweight and strong impact-resistance of the best polycarbonate lenses." In the Burnet Mids, you can upgrade to four different colors of SR-91Ultra, an updated version that eliminates color confusion to deliver even more vivid colors, sharp details and high-contrast for a view that's anything but old-fashioned. ($199; kaenon.com)

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Sunski Treeline

When your adventures take you above treeline, try this modern take on an iconic piece of technical mountaineering gear: glacier goggles. Not only does the Treeline shelter your eyes from harsh snow glare in front, with its polarized lenses, but also from the sides, thanks to removable, perforated side panels that hardly add to the sunglasses overall weight (they're still only about an ounce). A mix of urban aviator style and technical alpine performance, these sports sunglasses can do it all, and at an affordable price, to boot. ($89; sunski.com)

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SPY Optic Helm 2

We're not so sure that SPY's polarized Happy lenses actually make you happier or more alert, but we can confirm the mood-enhancing powers of wearing capable sunglasses that don't make you look like a PED-pumping robojock. The casual, cool Helm 2 combines virtually indestructible Grilamid frames with sturdy 5-barrel hinges and impressive, vision-enhancing lenses in a look that transitions smoothly from the summit to barstool. Cheers to that! ($150; spyoptic.com)

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District Vision Keiichi Standard

Developed by two fashion veterans in collaboration with fellow runners, the runway-ready Keichii is the iconic look that launched the brand. Shatterproof, polarized polycarbonate lenses offer deceptively full coverage for such a handsome silhouette, and the featherweight titanium core frames (22g) are strong, but feature adjustable temples and nose pads that'll cling to any dome. If you squeeze your workouts in at sunrise and sunset, you may want to pass on polarization, and instead opt for the "District Sports Yellow" lenses, which dramatically brighten low-light situations. ($199+; districtvision.com)

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Julbo Aero

The best sunglasses are the ones you forget you're wearing. Julbo's newest Bono-esque sport shades make that possible with full, wide-angle coverage and a barely-there frame that weighs less than an ounce. Even more impressive, the newly developed Reactiv photochromic lenses adjust quickly and seamlessly to a market-leading range of light conditions—from full, bluebird sunny day to shaded forest to post-sunset pitch-black—so the view is always the same, and always crystal clear. Sure, they're not technically polarized, but you can focus more fully on the road ahead or the trail underfoot. And if you make a misstep? Not to worry—the tough-as-nails NXT lenses are literally bulletproof. ($210; julbo.com)

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