10 Tech Items You Never Knew You Needed

When it comes to tech, your repertoire likely includes the basics. You know: phone, TV, laptop. (Maybe a tablet, if you're especially savvy.) But these days, tech can do more. Much more. Just take a look at our editors' life-changing selects. You'll never be able to return to how life was.

Nomad battery pack and back-up battery for smartphones and other devices photo

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Nomad Advanced Trackable PowerPack

How often have you been stuck with a dead phone and nowhere to charge it? This battery pack has enough power to fully charge three iPhones at lightning-fast speed. Plus, you don't have to worry about ruining it: Whether it's jumbled in your bag during a hiking trip or you drop it off the table, the device has military-grade impact resistance that can't be bothered. In other words, it's tough. ($120; walmart.com)

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Smart video doorbell with Wi-Fi in satin nickel finish photo

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Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell

As any victim of package theft can attest, it's the worst. Thankfully, it never has to happen again. This Wi-Fi-enabled doorbell has a motion-activated camera that allows you to see, hear, and speak to anyone at your door—no matter where you are—from your phone, tablet, or computer. That means you can check in whenever you want, day or night. ($150; bestbuy.com)

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Powerbot R7065 Robot Vacuum from Samsung photo

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Samsung POWERbot R7065 Robot Vacuum

It might not seem like a robot vacuum is entirely necessary, but that's just because you haven't tried Samsung's version yet. Because of how it's constructed, it can keep everything clean, from your carpet to debris that got caught in corners and edges of the wall. With crazy-good suction power, sensors that can scan its surroundings, and remote control functioning via smartphone, you'll never want to pull out a manual vacuum ever again. ($599; samsung.com)

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Fender Newport Bluetooth Speaker in black photo

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Fender Newport Wireless Speaker

If you want to impress your guests with a seriously impressive Bluetooth speaker, this is the one for you. It instantly ups the cool-factor anywhere you display it, features top-of-the-line sound quality, and, since it's battery-operated, you can take it on-the-go. ($200; fender.com)

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Amazon Echo in charcoal fabric photo

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Amazon Echo

If you've ever wanted to have your own personal assistant, here's your chance. Echo lets you connect directly to Amazon's Alexa, who, with a simple voice command, will do everything from play whatever music you want and make calls to control home devices and answer questions. ("Alexa, how many people did John Wick take out in John Wick 2?") She's making us all lazy—not that we're complaining. ($100; amazon.com)

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Low-profile SONOS sound bar photo

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Sonos PLAYBASE for Home Theater and Streaming Music

This isn't your average soundbar. Sonos PLAYBASE—with its low-profile design—can slide right underneath your TV, sending theater-worthy audio through the entire room. And when you're not watching TV, you can stream music, podcasts, radio, and anything else you want through the system, too. ($699; sonos.com)

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Portable printer for smartphones in gray photo

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Prynt Instant Photo Printer for iPhone

Sure, digital-everything is great, but nothing beats an old-school instant camera. With this device, you can instantly turn your iPhone into a bona fide Polaroid and print photos directly from your Camera Roll or Instagram—or take brand-new ones that will print out in 30 seconds or less. ($150; prynt.co)

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Compact Smart Drone with camera in white photo

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Yuneec Breeze Smart Drone With Camera

Drones aren't going anywhere; they're just getting cooler. The Yuneec Breeze allows you to capture high-definition video and pictures from high up in the air, and the automated flight modes make it effortless for beginners to get the hang of. ($180; walmart.com)

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Wireless smart scale and body analyzer in white photo

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QardioBase 2 Wireless Smart Scale and Body Analyzer

Life is so much better when you step on a scale and it smiles at you before telling you what you weigh. Aside from the positivity-inducing faces, this smart scale also does a lot more than the typical product: It calculates your BMI; monitors composition changes in muscle, body fat, water, and bone; and looks really sleek on your bathroom floor. ($150; getqardio.com)

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Series 3 Apple Watch with gray sport band photo

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Apple Watch Series 3 with Cellular

You might not have jumped on the Apple Watch bandwagon yet, but the new Series 3 product makes the obsession worth it. With cellular, you can now make calls and send texts straight from your watch, making it easy to leave your phone at home when you're working out or running errands. Another perk? You can listen to your entire iTunes library—if you have a solid pair of wireless headphones, that is. ($329+; apple.com)

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