7 Amazing Robot Vacuums That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Of all the chores, vacuuming might be the chore-iest. It's loud. It's cumbersome. Everyone (and every pet) in the house hates it. Thankfully, there's a solution: by investing in a savvy robotic, automated vacuum, you'll never trip over a cable or traumatize the cat again.

Black iRobot Roomba connected to a charging tower. photo

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The Very Best Bot: iRobot Roomba i7+

The most technologically advanced robot vacuum on the market, Roomba i7+ not only maps your entire home—and can clean specific rooms on command via an app—but is also self-charging and (this is the real game-changer) self-emptying. When the onboard dustbin fills up, the vacuum automatically returns to its base and empties into an enclosed, disposable bag that holds 30 bins worth of dust bunnies, hairballs, and stale Cheerios. Combined with advanced scheduling tools and connectivity that allows you to control it anytime, from anywhere, these features make set-and-forget automated vacuuming possible for weeks at a time. ($950; irobot.com)

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The Barely-Noticeable Bot: Eufy RoboVac 11S

While the RoboVac 11S won't wow you with high-tech mapping—it's still a bump-and-run model—or über-powerful suction, it gets the job done without getting in the way. At 55dB, it's so quiet that you can hardly tell it's operating, and the slim profile means it fits under more furniture than most bots. Plus, a one-hundred-minute battery life, return-to-dock charging, and robust, obstacle-clearing (for instance: cords, carpet fringes, and high thresholds) navigation means it needs your attention less than more expensive models. Oh, and speaking of which, this is one of the cheapest botvacs you'll find. ($220; eufylife.com)

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The Corner Cleaning Bot: Samsung POWERbot R7065

Most robovacs have a blind spot when it comes to walls and corners, but the flat-sided POWERbot hugs baseboards and squeezes into dead-end corners, where it deploys an innovative rubber sweeper to pull the hardest-to-reach dirt and debris within range of its powerful suction. This beats typical always-out side brushes, which are far more likely to scatter debris than clean it up. Beyond that, it transitions seamlessly between varied surfaces, turning on max-suction mode to deep-clean fine-grain dirt and embedded pet hair from thick carpets, then toning it down a bit to conserve battery power on hardwoods. ($500; samsung.com)

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The Runner-Up Bot: Neato Botvac D7 Connected

The flagship vacuum from Neato has many of the great features of the Roomba i7+ (3D home mapping; a slick app that stores multiple floor plans, allowing for spot and zone cleaning; and easy scheduling) but for $150 less. The zone cleaning feature allows you to store problem areas (the entryway, for example, or under the dining room table) for regular cleaning, and the app allows you to draw "no-go lines" around out-of-bounds zones like a children's play area or under a desk where lots of cords live. In a toe-to-toe test, the D7 would stack up pretty well against our winner, but it falls short with its tiny dustbin (the Roomba overcomes this with its self-emptying dock) and weak customization when it comes to scheduling—zoned cleaning is on-demand only, and you can only schedule general, whole floor cleanings. We expect the scheduling to improve, however, with future software upgrades, making this robot vacuum a solid second choice. ($800; neatorobotics.com)

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The Bang-For-Your-Buck Bot: Ecovacs Deebot N79S

Robovacs, in general, are pretty expensive—mid-range models cost as much as their truly professional-grade, deep-cleaning manual counterparts—but that's the price of automating a simple chore, right? Well, if you've got simple needs, that doesn't have to be the case. Ever so slightly weaker than its competitors—and somewhat more bumbling when encountering obstacles—the N79S is still a great choice for those with pet-free, kid-free, straightforward floor plans. Pinballing around your pad, this budget bot gets you nearly as clean as high-end models at less than half the cost. ($197; amazon.com)

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The Buy-It-Once Bot: iRobot Roomba 690

Robot vacuums may be packed with motherboards and computer chips, but, given the nature of their work, they're far more likely to be short-circuited by mechanical problems—a permanently depleted battery, a broken wheel, a hair-choked brush roll—than electronic ones. When that happens, Roombas—the 690 included—are meant to be repaired DIY-style at home, and iRobot continues stocking spare parts (including a an extended-life battery that effectively doubles runtimes) for long-discontinued products. That means you can keep this little bug around for as long as you keep the pets it cleans up after, while competitors fall away. ($280; amazon.com)

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The Double-Duty Bot: Roborock S5

With one of the most advanced wayfinding systems available—including laser navigation and 3D floor mapping—plus dual vacuuming and mopping functions, the S5 promises to sweep and shine your floors while you get on with life. Once it's mapped your floor plan, you can use the app to target specific messes for concentrated spot cleaning, or draw a box on the map to dispatch the robot from its base for zoned cleaning. The one time you need to physically intervene is before mopping, when the mop cloth and water tank are attached. From there, the S5 does a decent job of removing surface dirt from bare floors (it won't remove stains or ground-in dirt). Just be careful not to send it to a carpeted area, or it'll soak them, too. ($547; amazon.com)

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