7 Sleek Gadgets That Will Make Your Home So High-Tech

You don't need us to tell you that tech is everywhere—your car, your office, even your body—these days, all in the name of making your life more seamless and efficient. But there's one place that might be sorely and inadvertently hobbled on the technological front: Your home. Here's how to bring it swinging into the 21st century, both in looks and function.

Smart deadbolt with camera in nickel photo

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Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

Never fumble for keys again with this attractive smart lock from Schlage, which offers multiple unlock options—keypad access code, hands-free voice control, or remote app activation from anywhere via an app—and peace of mind while you're away from home. It's easy to share access with trusted friends, family, and service providers (a dog walker or cleaning service, say), so there's no more keeping track of spare keys. Plus, you can keep track of who entered your house when, and set the deadbolt to automatically re-arm itself on a delay, in case you forget to lock up during the morning rush. Security never worked so simply, or looked so great. ($230; amazon.com)

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Hunter Symphony Smart Fan

With its clean, elegant lines and gracefully sweeping blades, the Symphony has an unabashedly modern look. The fact that its reversible, four-speed motor—which powerfully moves and cools air with whisper-quiet performance—and dimmable LED lights can be voice-controlled by Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant confirms that it's the most state-of-the-art way to keep your home cool. ($299; hunterfan.com)

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NutriBullet Balance Blender

Smoothies are one of those "healthy" meal replacements that, with a heavy hand, can easily creep into the four-digit range of calories. With the Balance smart blender, though, you can see exactly what you're putting in your body as you add each fruit, veggie, or scoop of protein powder, so you can make your smoothies as healthy as they are delicious. An internal scale weighs and measures ingredients as you add them, and connects to a slick app to display real-time nutritional details—like calories, fats, sugars, and grams of protein—while you build. Choose from hundreds of recipes (sorted according to wellness goals), or concoct your own, and sip your way to slim. ($150; nutribulletbalance.com)

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Hive View indoor camera on white table next to a plant photo

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Hive View

This small, elegant Yves Béhar-designed camera may turn heads for its sleek styling, but it's no slouch in performance, either, sporting wide-angle, high-definition video capture that's triggered by sound or motion (and even distinguishes between people and pets). Plus, it can be removed from the stylish curved magnetic base and moved around the house for an hour of totally wireless recording—great for keeping an eye on the kids while you meal prep or sneak in an at-home workout. While the Hive won't perform the highest-tech tricks, like facial recognition or two-way audio, no other smart camera blends so seamlessly into contemporary décor. In other words, you can keep your home safe without creeping out your guests. ($200; hivehome.com)

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Tablet set up on top of a kitchen island photo

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Lenovo Smart Display

Finally, the smartest digital assistant has an attractive countertop home with a dedicated display, bringing both brains and beauty to your kitchen setup. Now you can call up videos, glance at traffic and weather on your way out, or follow along with recipes while you cook up chef-worthy meals—and with far fewer gaffs and slip-ups than Alexa's Echo Show. The Smart Display boasts a high-res 8-inch display, a powerful 10W full-range speaker for rich-sounding audio, and a front-facing camera for Skyping with mom (a privacy shutter covers it when not in use)—all of which make it the best, most useful smart display on the market. Forget the bespoke Japanese paring knife set. This is the new kitchen essential. ($200; lenovo.com)

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Kohler Verdera Mirror

Unlike other smart mirrors that go overboard with touch displays to peruse your Facebook feed and ogle entertainment (how long are you spending in front of the mirror, anyway?), the sleek Verdera uses Alexa voice assistance to keep the focus squarely on you, while providing the news, traffic, weather, or music you need to prep for the day. Plus, a motion-detecting night-light guides you through the bathroom after dark, and sensors raise light levels whenever someone stands before the mirror. ($1,665; kohler.com)

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Stainless steel goose-neck faucet photo

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Delta Voice-Activated Faucet

Nobody needs a voice-activated faucet, but why dirty that gleaming chrome finish with your germy hands? Plus, it's an awesome party trick to hold out your Scotch glass, loudly clear your throat, and casually say, "Alexa, ask Delta to pour a splash of water." Seriously, though, this thing displays (with LED light) the water temp, replaces a measuring cup, and is way cooler than using your hand. Plus, it's beautifully designed, and solid-built in the USA with classic Delta quality. ($520; amazon.com)

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