5 Great Game Controllers for the Best P.C. Gaming Experience Ever

No matter the sport, to play a great game, you need great gear. Same goes whether your sport of choice is of the ball-and-net variety or the demon-slaying, spray-and-praying one (virtually, of course!). For tighter, more responsive gameplay, the best thing you can do is invest in a cutting-edge, top-of-the-line game controller.

logitech f310 game controller photo

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Logitech F310

For those who want to skillfully slay stone demons or help their squad dominate a battle royale on a budget, the F310 from Logitech is a solid choice. Though it's not wireless, it's under $30 and still offers features like easy button and control customization for playing unsupported games (you can even imitate keyboard and mouse commands) and a D-pad that glides over four separate switches for more nuanced and distinctive responses to input. ($25; logitech.com)

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scuf gaming impact controller photo

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Scuf Gaming Impact

If you fancy yourself a competitive gamer, or just want to show off at your next LAN party (yes, it's time to bring them back!), pick up one of these sexy models from Scuf. They come in lots of killer color combos, but the real flair lies under the skin: four removable and reprogrammable on-the-fly back paddles, five styles of interchangeable thumbsticks with locking ring system, and a trick trigger control system with includes adjustable hair triggers plus trigger extenders and stops. ($150; scufgaming.com)

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razer wolverine ultimate game controller photo

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Razer Wolverine Ultimate

Flashy colors and intricate patterns or artwork won't impress your gaming buddies as much as the sweet customizable lighting effects available on the Wolverine Ultimate; they can even be set to flicker and change color in concert with your game play. Besides the light show, this top controller from Razer also has six remappable buttons, interchangeable thumbsticks, and D-pad, and can work with an Xbox One as well as a custom gaming rig. ($145; amazon.com)

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Sony DualShock 4

You can't go wrong with the tried-and-true style, comfort, and performance that comes with the latest version of Sony's OG gaming controller. The solid feel and precision control you've always enjoyed with each iteration off the DualShock has been even more refined in the DualShock 4, with updated thumbsticks and triggers, and a "share" button so you can quickly and easily upload screenshots and gameplay videos without messing with your in-game flow. ($47; amazon.com)

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black and silver microsoft xbox one elite game controller photo

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Microsoft Xbox One Elite

The regular Xbox One controller has always elicited a lot of love and plenty of props. Now multiply that praise by, oh, a thousand, and you'll understand what's so great about the Elite. Billed by Microsoft as the "world's most advanced controller," this top contender has all of the bells and whistles of the best of the best: metal thumbsticks, interchangeable D-pads (which you can switch out depending on your style of play or game you're attacking), interchangeable paddles (for tighter control), and hair-trigger locks to enable rapid-fire assaults on your enemies. ($150; xbox.com)

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