8 Cutting-Edge Gaming Accessories Every Gamer Should Own

Whether you're playing on console or P.C., one universal truth applies: Your setup could use a level-up. Whether it's a more responsive controller, a clearer-sounding pair of headphones headset, or even just a comfier chair, better gear makes for a better gaming experience. Here's your starting kit for taking your game to the next level.

rainbow colored black keyboard from realforce photo

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Realforce R2 RGB Keyboard

To find out if someone is a true PC gamer, take a look at their keyboard. Dedicated computer game fanatics love the feel and responsiveness of heavy duty, solid, and clacky keyboards—stuff like this sleek monster from Realforce. It uses high-quality and coveted Topre keys that provide a smooth, bouncy feel and an appealing sound as you strike them. Plus, you can choose between three "actuation points" (in plain English: when the keys actually send their signal) to match your preference. The keyboard is also backlit, and you can modify the colors to your liking, all the way down to individual keys. ($350; amazon.com)

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blue-lit black gaming mouse photo

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Klim Aim Gaming Mouse

This upgraded, gaming-focused mouse from Klim has all the flash (with its customizable lighting effects), plus the proper gaming guts. There's a super-precise optical laser with 2 ms response time. The outside is coated in Teflon for better grip during sweaty showdowns. And the ergonomic shape was designed to prevent any tendinitis from long gaming sessions. ($30; amazon.com)

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black netgear nighthawk gaming router photo

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Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR300 Wi-Fi Router

Lagging wireless connections and subpar Internet speeds are the serious gamer's worst nightmare. To make sure you're getting the best connection and the fastest latency, install the Netgear Nighthawk. This screaming-fast Wi-Fi router makes online gaming traffic the main priority when shuttling bandwidth around and features technology to smooth out lag spikes, eliminate drop outs, and keep your connection stable and your pings high. It has four LAN ports and one WAN gigabit port so you can use it with all of the major consoles and with PCs alike. ($200; netgear.com)

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virtual reality headset from oculus rift photo

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Oculus Rift S

Now that virtual reality rigs have finally started to live up to the hype from the '90s, it's high time to add one to your gaming setup. Most reviewers point toward the Oculus Rift as the best VR unit for the price. Good news: the company is dropping their latest version, the Rift S, this spring. The hardware refresh will have better resolution, more accurate room-tracking, and a more comfortable fit. Also brewing is another headset called the Oculus Quest, which, unlike most VR rigs, doesn't need to connect to a PC to bring life-like scenarios to your orbs. ($399; oculus.com)

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high-definition game capture card photo

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Razer Ripsaw HD Game Capture Card

Streaming video game play is the newest and biggest thing in the world of gaming. If you want to make sure your Twitch channel is smooth and glitch free for your fans, a top game-streaming card is essential. The Razer Ripsaw is able to record full HD at 1080p rez with 60 frames per second, even if you're playing in 4K with no hiccups or streaming issues. The full-featured card also has full audio mixing capabilities, HDMI and USB 3.0 ports for the best quality, and a 3.5mm audio jack for simple setup. ($160; razer.com)

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black gaming chair from rapidx photo

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RapidX Ferrino XL Gaming Chair

Where you settle in for a marathon gaming session is as important as the marathon gaming session itself. Uncomfortable chairs can lead to back problems and increase the amount of fatigue you experience, so it's key to pick out an ergonomic gaming throne. This sleek number from RapidX is styled like a racing car bucket seat and has cool, contrasting diamond-quilted stitching in the durable PVC leather. That stain-resistant covering wraps up a dense foam core for extra support and the arm rests can be adjusted in multiple ways: up, down, forward, back, sideways, and with three tilting positions. ($380; rapidx.com)

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black and blue wireless surround sound headset from logitech photo

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Logitech G935 Wireless 7.1 Surround LightSync Gaming Headset

Time to toss those raggedy, old headphones you've been relying on for years and pick up a pair of these killer cans from Logitech. The G935s were built from the ground up to be the ultimate headset for hardcore gamers—they're packed with advanced features that will make your gaming experience that much better: hefty 50mm speaker drivers, a super-clear and foldable boom mic, 2.4 Ghz wireless (with up to 12 hours on a charge), surround sound tech that's better than regular 7.1 channels, and cool, customizable RGB lighting accents. ($170; logitech.com)

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phantom white xbox one game controller photo

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Xbox Wireless Controller in Phantom White

There's nothing like a new gaming accessory to get you excited to frag some mutants or jump into a melee match. Popping for a new controller is a relatively inexpensive and tactile way to build a gaming buzz, and the new Phantom White Special Edition game pad from Microsoft is one of the coolest out there. The translucent upper portion lets you see the innards while it fades to a stark white for a neat effect—and the controller itself continues the Xbox's much-loved design with textured trips, custom button mapping, and Bluetooth connectivity. ($59; xbox.com)

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