13 Awesome Buys for the Coolest Man Cave Ever

It's not enough to just have a man cave. Sure, it's nice to trick out a space with a giant flat-screen, free-flowing beer, and more games than a '70s-era arcade. But, in this day and age—where you can order great booze at the push of a button and strap computers on your face—that's really all level-one stuff. To get the truly coolest man cave ever, you'll need to spring for some seriously next-level upgrades. Here's the best of the best.

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EdgeStar Triple Tap Kegerator

Stepping up from popping bottle caps to pouring a sweet pint of draft beer is one of the first steps for the serious beer drinker, and this unit from EdgeStar comes with three spouts for maximum suds satisfaction. It also has casters, for easy repositioning, and a nifty electronic control panel, for quick and precise adjustments. LED lights in the interior make switching out a spent IPA keg for the new gose sensation a total breeze, while the air-cooled beer tower forces cold air up and through the fridge for perfectly chilled brew every time. ($1,679; kegerator.com)

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Amazon Echo Smart Speaker

Modernize your hideaway with an Alexa-equipped Echo. This digital assistant will not only allow you to automate lots of devices—like stereo systems, TVs, thermostats, and lights—but you'll be able to check scores, find out the weather, and even settle arguments among your buds just by having a quick chat with Alexa. The speaker itself also sounds pretty good on the music front, as it features 360-degree Dolby tech for impressively rounded-out sounds. ($75; amazon.com)

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Treadwall M4V Rotating Climbing Wall

Get a bunch of guys together, and you're bound to have a bit of competition, whether it's with typical games like pool and darts, or contests outdoors like b-ball or touch football. But here's an innovative game: indoor bouldering competitions. The Treadwall M4V has four feet of climbing surface and lets you control and adjust the speed of the wall, plus change the angles of the handholds, for the ultimate indoor challenge. And it's so low to the ground that, when your friends fall off, there's only one thing they'll bruise: their ego. ($8,950; motionfitness.com)

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Logitech Harmony Companion All-In-One Remote

Few things are more frustrating than searching through the pile of remotes on the coffee table, trying to figure out which one is the right one for which device. With the Logitech Harmony, every action is contained in a single controller and can be quickly and easily set up for one-touch control. You can even use the remote with Alexa and a whole bunch of other smart home automations, like lights and thermostats; it works with over 270,000 devices, including Apple TV, Roku, and Sonos. ($105; amazon.com)

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Sony 4K HDR Home Theater Projector

Sure, a 65-inch flat screen is cool. Know what's cooler? A massively over-the-top HDR projector. This one, from Sony, offers 4K resolution and can project a crisp and dynamic image at up to a whopping 200 inches, all while pumping out 1,500 lumens of brightness. You get true HDR quality, with deep black hues and optimal clarity that's leaps and bounds over the washed-out images you'd get with an older projector. ($4,798; amazon.com)

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Flash Furniture Eclipse Series Reclining Unit

Level-up your seating situation with this cool 3-seat reclining unit. It's stadium-like seating, but without the cold butt and aching back. Not only do you get to lounge in comfort in soft foam seats with a durable and leather-like upholstery, but the unit includes two wide arm rests that open up for storage—perfect for stocking with chips and dip. Each also has dual cup holders so your favorite beverage will be safe and secure, no matter what hijinks ensue. ($870; amazon.com)

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Flush Mount Hidden Door

Fact: every guy on the planet dreams of having a secret entrance. Well, with this clandestine option—a wooden bookcase that doubles as a door—dreams can become reality. And if you're a handyman, installation is effortless: it comes ready to go with everything you need to get it up and swinging. (From $599; themurphydoor.com)

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Chicago Gaming Arcade Legend 3 Game Machine

You could splurge for a room full of vintage, quarter-sucking arcade machines. Or, you could get an all-in-one video arcade unit, like this one, from Chicago Gaming. It saves on space and offers 135 classic titles—including Asteroids, Centipede, Golden Tee, Jungle Hunt, and Tempest—on a sharp 26-inch LCD screen. Plus, an easy-to-use custom menu makes finding and playing your favorite games a breeze. The greatest challenge? Seeing how many different games you can hold the high score on. ($2,995; amazon.com)

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Oculus Rift + Touch VR System

Take your video games to the next level by hopping on the virtual reality train. There are plenty of killer options on the market these days, but the best is the O.G: the Oculus Rift. When you strap this thing on, you won't feel like you're playing a video game—you'll feel like you're in a video game. For best results, invest in a copy of Doom VFR, a high-octane, nonstop, visceral gun-and-punch fest that will do the same thing to your heart rate that eight cups of coffee would (except without any of the negative health effects). Game on. ($349; bestbuy.com)

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Crosley Bluetooth Jukebox

A vintage jukebox definitely makes a big statement, but who wants to mess with worn-out vinyl records stuck in an ancient machine? Step up to modern tech without sacrificing vintage appeal by picking up a cool Bluetooth jukebox, like this Crosley. Not only can you rock tunes from your smartphone, but you can also pick up radio and even play your favorite old CDs. The Crosley is made from hardwood layered with handsome, hand-rubbed veneers and completes that vintage diner charm with two bubbling side columns. ($1,495.99; walmart.com)

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McClure Shuffleboard Table

Bring this popular pub game into your man cave by choosing from one of the great options available from McClures. They offer a wide range of styles to fit almost any décor—there's the sleek Contempo for the modernist space, the Parson for a rustic vibe, the Venteto for a Tuscan look, or the Prestige for high-tech future-chic (it comes with an integrated scoreboard). And if you have the space, you can spring for a full tournament-style, 22-foot long table. (From $2,695; mccluretables.net)

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HomeLabs Beverage Refrigerator

Even if you've got a fridge in your man cave, you could still stand to get an upgrade. This one from HomeLabs can fit up to 120 12-ounce cans or 60 bottles of wine, and has a cool blue LED interior light that prevents selecting your next quaff from becoming a disruption when watching a movie. Other notable attributes include a digital display, auto defrosting tech, a sleek stainless steel frame on the door, and a super-quiet compressor. ($248; amazon.com)

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Lifetime Double Shot Deluxe Basketball Arcade Game

Beat your bros at basketball any time of the year—and in any weather—with this awesome indoor double shot set up. It has accurate and improved infrared sensors to make sure every point is counted, no matter how fast you drain buckets. Plus, it's equipped with an adjustable frame to vary the height, so kids can get in on the fun too. Realistic game time buzzers and sound effects will keep the tension high. Two other bonuses: It comes with six mini basketballs (and a pump), plus it quickly folds in half, so you can easily get it out of the way, need be. ($260; amazon.com)

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