8 Retro-Inspired Digital Record Players

The record player, in all of its dusty nostalgia and groovy greatness, is the cornerstone of any music fan's technological repertoire. Seriously—because these days, there's no need to give up your bluetooth functionality and USB connectivity in the name of some light time travel.

Bluetooth-compatible, portable, vintage-inspired light pink record player. photo

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Crosley Lilac Cruiser Bluetooth Record Player

This beginner's pick is not only chic and compact—it comes complete with a headphone jack, RCA audio output, and dynamic, full-range stereo speakers. As a bonus, it's highly portable, so you can transport your new retro sound system anywhere you desire. ($99; urbanoutfitters.com)

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Retro-inspired brown record player with AM/FM radio, USB, and more features. photo

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Electrohome Signature Vinyl Record Player

The beautiful wood finish on this retro player is a bona fide time machine into '70s nostalgia—even for those who never experienced the trippy decade. In fact, this player is great for tech nerds of any generation, as you can listen to your favorite tunes in a myriad of ways, be that on AM/FM radio, CDs, MP3s, or from any smartphone or AUX-equipped device. ($199.99; amazon.com)

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Retro-style red record player. photo

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Victrola Retro Record Player Stereo with Bluetooth and USB Digital Encoding

This red player is the music listener's smoothest companion. Not only is the design of this system vintage and unique, but it also comes with modern-day features like Bluetooth capabilities and USB encoding from a laptop or smartphone. The '50s-inspired faceplate only accentuates the retro feel of this player—and may even inspire a few nights of R&R (in our parlance, that would be "Ray Charles and relaxation"). ($99.99; victrola.com)

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Phonograph record player with brass-looking horn. photo

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Pyle Retro Vintage Classic Style Turntable Phonograph Record Player with Horn

Take an even deeper plunge into the past with this vintage-inspired phonograph record player. (Yes, the horn is real!) This authentically wood-crafted turntable allows you to play your music any way you wish—on a cassette, CD, smartphone, laptop, record, or even an iPod, which is especially great for those who never had the guts to actually toss that ancient thing away. ($289.99; walmart.com)

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Cathedral-style entertainment console with turntable and CD. photo

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Crosley Turntable Console with CD Player and AM/FM Radio

Think of this costly console as an investment: It's your home's latest statement piece. Unlike others record players, this console is designed for serious record collectors out there, and comes with a 3-speed belt-drive turntable and full range stereo speakers. (Record store hipsters need not apply.) ($399.95; crosley.com)

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Black with gold accents tabletop record player. photo

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Victrola 5-in-1 Vintage Tabletop Record Player with Bluetooth and CD Player

For all those seeking unique retro systems on a budget, this one is your best bet. This 5-in-1 record player comes in at just under $100—not bad for a player that could easily pass for something made over 50 years ago. Know what's definitive proves it's not from half a century ago, though? Bluetooth capability. ($129.99; victrola.com)

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Cabinet-style retro-inspired record player with storage. photo

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Spectra Studebaker Stereo Turntable with Bluetooth Receiver & Record Storage Compartment

Spectra has created a line of record players inspired by the classic, trusty Studebaker automobile. This pick is great for those looking for extra storage space for their record collection. The player has ample storage space located conveniently right under the turntable. Not only that, but you can also play all of you favorite music straight from your laptop or smartphone device. ($143.99; walmart.com)

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Retro design vinyl turntable in black. photo

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Trevi Traditional 50's Vinyl Media Turntable

This turntable and multi-media player combines the old with the new in an effortlessly cool way. And with the word "classic" etched on its faceplate, it's hard not to feel nostalgic for a bygone era. ($100-200; amazon.com)

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