6 Best Video Game Consoles to Complete Any Man Cave

Truth be told, a killer man cave only requires three things: Good booze, a great soundsystem, and time-sucking entertainment. Sure, you could stick to the classics and invest in a billiards table and a ping-pong machine. Or, you could step into the 21st century and outfit your haven with the latest in cutting-edge gaming. These consoles won't just suck your time away. They'll inhale it.

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Nintendo Switch

By all accounts, the Nintendo Switch is the most versatile video game console on the market right now. For starters, it's the only console where you can seamlessly transition between a television-projected and handheld experience; in other words, if your wife wants to put a movie on, there's no need for you to stop playing. Then, there's the top-tier suite of games, including originals—like Super Mario Odyssey and 2017 Game of the Year Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and updated versions of classics, like Skyrim, Shovel Knight, and DOOM. Finally, thanks to the controller design—it can split into two parts—the possibilities for multiplayer are nigh endless. ($299.99; bestbuy.com)

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Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

For diehard gamers, Sony's superpowered iteration of the PS4 is a must-own. With a full terabyte of storage (double the original PS4's capacity), you'll never have to worry about uninstalling games to make room for new ones. What's more, this beautiful beast comes equipped with HDMI capability, so the most visually jaw-dropping games on the market—from Horizon: Zero Dawn to The Witness to God of War (all of which are only available on PlayStation, by the way)—look even more stunning. ($399.99; walmart.com)

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Microsoft Xbox One X

Microsoft's latest iteration of the Xbox is more powerful than ever, thanks to a revved-up hardware across the board, including processing power, graphical output, and RAM. But the specs and figures and tech jargon, frankly, doesn't matter much. The siren song of Xbox is one thing and one thing alone: the Halo series. With a new Halo all but imminent (the last game, Halo 5, came out in 2015, and new franchise entries generally pop up every three or four years), now is the best time to hop on the bandwagon. ($499.99; target.com)

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Oculus Rift

Imagine strapping into the captain's chair on the USS Enterprise. It's every self-proclaimed nerd's dream come true—and with the Oculus Rift, it's a dream that can actually come true. Star Trek: Bridge Crew, one of the platform's marquee titles, allows players to immersively control a Federation vessel. But that's not all the console offers. You'll find everything from avant garde indies (like the time-manipulating gem, Superhot) to AAA shoot-em-ups (like the most bonkers version of Doom you'll ever experience). Virtual reality may be on the brink of total market domination. But it's not there yet, and, as of now, the Rift is as good as it gets. ($399; oculus.com)

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Nintendo Super NES Classic Edition

When Nintendo's Super NES Classic first hit shelves, it instantly sold out. When it became available again, a few weeks later, it instantly sold out then, too. Industry analysts pointed toward a holiday launch season as the cause, but the truth is far more simple: Classic games, like Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Donkey Kong Country, and Super Mario World—all of which are available and pre-installed on this console—are just better. Oh, and this also comes with a version of the never-before-released Star Fox 2. ($80; target.com)

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Xbox 360

Yes, it's outdated. Yes, it's discontinued. Yes, you can reap a lot of the benefits from its successor, the ultra-modern Xbox One. But hear us out: As far as classic game consoles go—and make no mistake, the 360, which launched nearly a decade-and-a-half ago, certainly counts as a classic—few are a better purchase than Microsoft's sophomore effort.

It might not have been the best at streaming video or running apps, but it excelled beyond competitors in one key area: games. By the time console production ended, there were more than 2,100 titles in its library. To be fair, some of the most popular games are available through a so-called "backwards compatibility" function on the Xbox One. But many aren't, and the functionality is wonky, at best. Thankfully, you can get access to one of the most high-quality, expansive gaming libraries in history at a steal. ($109; gamestop.com)

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