11 Great Game-Day TVs for the Best Super Bowl Ever

Let's face it: the people coming over to watch the big game aren't coming for your mom's famous sausage dip. They want to be dazzled. And there's no better way to dazzle them than with a patently insane screen. So tap the keg, bust out the wings, and get ready to make Super Bowl LIII one for the ages—no matter who wins.

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TCL 3-Series 1080p Smart Roku LED TV (49")

If you're on a budget, check out this killer deal. You get 49 inches diagonal, plus crisp 1080p HD resolution, plus built-in smart TV features with Roku. And it's only 250 bucks, leaving you with plenty of money left over for a keg of craft IPA and an army of buffalo wings. ($250; amazon.com)

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LG Super 4K Super Ultra HD Smart LED TV (49")

HD resolutions like 720p and 1080p are already old news in the TV game. Now, it's all about Ultra HD (UHD). But getting the newest in picture quality—so you won't miss even the tiniest detail in the inevitable, controversial instant replay—doesn't mean you have to dish out a grand. This 2018 LG model gives you UHD with an intelligent processor for superb color and sharpness, along with a proprietary LG Magic Remote that will work with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for instant voice commands. ($597; amazon.com)

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TCL 5-Series 4K Ultra HD Smart Roku LED TV (55")

Bumping up a few more sizes in TV screen area can be tempting, but often that jump to 50-inch-plus sector can come with a shocking price increase. Well, not so, with this stand-out pixel performer from TCL. It comes with a coveted 4 Ultra HD LED screen, the convenience of a Roku smart TV system (all ready to go with access to thousands of streaming channels), LED backlighting (for a sharp contrast), and handy voice control. Oh, and it's under $500. ($450; amazon.com)

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Vizio P-Series 4K HDR Smart TV (55")

Bring the rich pageantry that is the Super Bowl to life with this Vizio P-Series. It's been heralded one of the best overall LCD/LED TVs by reviewers across the board and packs in features like Dolby Vision HDR with UltraBright 1000 for striking clarity, special upscaling tech that will turn regular HD into stunning 4k UHD, and more than 1 billion visible colors. Plus, if you have an Android device, you can effortlessly mirror it on the big screen. ($800; bestbuy.com)

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Samsung Q6F 4K Ultra HD Smart TV (55")

Samsung's been long known for high-quality boob tubes, and their newest line—which uses special, super-small "Quantuam Dots," to create a QLED screen with brilliant colors, and Motion Rate 120 that makes fast action like that found on the gridiron look smooth as butter—is no exception. Technically, it's a 2017 model. But seeing as it's certainly not lagging on the technological front, the only byproduct of its "age" is a steep discount. ($999; amazon.com)

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Sony A9F Bravia OLED TV (55")

If you're looking to blow the roof off your budget, the Sony A9F is your best bet. This beautiful beast is the ne plus ultra of visual entertainment. With an OLED screen (loaded with 8 million self-illuminating pixels) and top of the line Acoustic Surface Audio+ tech (some of widest range audio tech in the TV market), watching anything, let alone the Super Bowl, on this TV is an unmatched sensory experience. ($3,498; amazon.com)

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Sony X900F 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (65")

You can enter the realm of the huge TVs for just over $1,500 with this high-quality performer from Sony. It offers familiar tech and specs like UHD, smart controls that sync with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, and special motion capturing technology that is especially excellent for capturing all the action on the football field. And the 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme means it can scale up normal HD into a super-detailed and clear picture. ($1,598; amazon.com)

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Samsung Q9FN QLED Smart 4K Ultra HD TV (65")

Dubbed the "best" by Samsung, this killer set crams all of the usual cutting-edge tech—like the QLED screen, which can deliver over a billion hues, and full-array backlighting that offers enhanced depth and detail—so what you are watching looks brilliant, beautiful, and, most importantly, real. But Samsung didn't just make the picture gorgeous; they took the time to make the outer casing look sleek and sophisticated from every angle. Oh, and during downtime, just set it to Ambient Mode—the blank screen will display a stunning piece of art. ($2,800; samsung.com)

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LG C8 Series 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV (65")

TVs are so high-tech now that they rival the processing power of computers from just a few years ago. This LG has an intelligent processor that works to conjure up realistic images with vibrant colors, sharp contrast, and deep depths, all framed by a super-thin bezel so the TV itself gets out of the way of optimum viewing. The 4K upscaling will make normal HD look like 2160p UHD, and the smart TV features bring all of your streaming favorites together. It's also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for the ultimate in voice control. Ten, hut! ($2,700; bestbuy.com)

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LG 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (70")

Want to get into a truly massive TV but can't justify dropping over a grand for the pleasure? Try this 2018 LG, which sports 70 inches of sports-watching picture for just under $1,000. You want artificial intelligence in your TV so all devices can connect? It's in there. How about processing power that makes the picture bright, colorful, and noise-free? You got it. A Magic Remote that works with smart TV features to make movies, online content, and regular TV ready-to-watch in the palm of your hand? Well, then, this TV should be yours. ($947; amazon.com)

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Samsung Q6FN QLED Smart 4k Ultra HD TV (82")

If you've got the wall space (and the deep pockets), there's nothing on the market better for the price than this Samsung. At an impressive 82 inches, it'll give you all of the leading tech that you could want in a TV—color saturated QLED screen, processing power to make the picture pop, Q Contrast for dark darks with great depth—plus a massive size that will really blow your guests away when the Super Bowl finally kicks off. ($2,998; amazon.com)

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