9 Pillows So Amazing They're Like Sleeping on a Cloud

According to the National Sleep Foundation, you should swap your pillow out every two years, on the money. If you've been resting on one for any longer, you're exposing yourself to a minefield of long-gestating bacteria (ew), and also not doing your neck or upper back any favors (ouch). (It's also probably really, really flat.) So think of that two-year mark not as yet another shopping chore but as a golden opportunity: you have the chance to level-up, and lay your head upon the clouds.

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The Purple Pillow

Unlike traditional pillows, The Purple Pillow has no "fill." Rather, it's created with the company's patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer. For the sleeper who tosses and turns throughout the night, this unique material is specifically designed to conform to your head and neck with every position change. So while you might wake up others with your wild sleep, you can rest assured that you'll stay dreaming. ($99; purple.com)

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The Mrshmlw Pillow

It's every kid's dream come true. The Mrshmlw Pillow—which is made from a sumptuous down alternative that's just as plush as the real thing—gives you the comfort and luxury of high-end Sferra or St. Geneve, just without the eye-popping price tag. True to name, resting your head on this plush pillow really does feel like resting your head on an enormous, fluffy marshmallow. Don't get any ideas, though: you (sadly) can't eat it. (Okay, maybe not every kid's dream.) ($49; mrshmlw.com)

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Leesa Hybrid Pillow

The Leesa Hybrid Pillow can only be described as the best of both worlds. One side is made of a down-like fiber, while the other boasts a ventilated gel for a cooler night's sleep. So no matter what your needs are, or whether they change from night to night, this pillow is sure to provide exactly that. ($125; lessa.com)

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Not only is the YourFacePillow excellent for full-body support, it also takes care of your face and skin. The concave style prevents your face from being smushed up against the pillow, which allows you to sleep more comfortably throughout the night. Bonus: it fights aging and wrinkling by guarding your facial skin from any unnecessary contact with surrounding (likely dirty) materials. ($65; amazon.com)

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Bluewave Bedding's Ultra Slim Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pillow

Getting a good night's sleep is all about the positioning of your body. This Bluewave Bedding pillow is paper-thin, allowing your neck and spine to rest in a more natural position. (By the way, some ancient peoples were thought to sleep like this—with minimal to no support.) The infused gel particle technology here also helps maximize air circulation, ensuring not just a good but a great cooling and supportive night's sleep. ($60; amazon.com)

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Claritin Ultimate Allergen Barrier Clearloft Embossed Back/Stomach Sleeper Pillow

Allergy-sufferers, rejoice! This pillow is like a private allergen oasis. Designed by Claritin—yes, the allergy medicine brand—this pillow is made from a hypo-allergenic fill that blocks dust mites, allergens, and pet dander. Wake up well-rested and unstuffed, all spring long. ($40; bedbathandbeyond.com)

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The Coldest Pillow

Everyone has that pillow problem—you know, the Sisyphean one, where you find yourself flipping your pillow over and over, trying to find the cool side. Well, with The Coldest Pillow, that problem is kaput. Both sides are as refreshingly cool as a late-fall breeze. With their Coldest Fusion Weave material, your pillow is guaranteed to stay colder, longer. Sisyphus could only dream of sleep so sound. ($80; amazon.com)

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Made By Design's Won't Go Flat Bed Pillow

Great pillows don't always have to come with great costs. Exhibit A: this plush number, from Made By Design. For just a Hamilton and tax—or less if you catch it on a sale—this comfortable pillow eliminates the need for constant fluffing and pillow replacement. The foam-blend material helps it keep its shape for longer, saving you both time and money when it comes to finding pillow replacements. ($10; target.com)

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Pancake Pillow

Pancake Pillows' innovative design allows you to adjust the pillow to your own personal perfection. With six ultra soft inner layers, you can add and take away the layers as you see fit. Whether you want to sleep one night with your neck at a practically 90-degree angle one night, or with your face basically face down the next, this one pillow does it all, and eliminates the need for accruing a pile of, oh, 12,084 pillows. ($70; amazon.com)

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