This Women-Owned Brand Is Offering Best Life Readers 15 Percent Off Their Gorgeous Mother-Daughter Bracelets

Get these adorable mother-daughter bracelets before they sell out!

Convincing your kids to wearing an outfit or accessory that matches your own when they're still toddlers is hardly hard to do. Give it a decade or two, however, and getting them to don those identical sailor suits or submit to matching haircuts is a significantly more difficult proposition.

But that doesn't mean all hope is lost. For moms who still want the joy of sharing some style with their daughters (or for daughters who want to get their mom a gift guaranteed to make them ugly cry), women-owned company She Knew She Could has launched a line of mother-daughter bracelets that are the perfect addition to any outfit.

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These adjustable bracelets, which come with a round, rust-proof stainless steel charm and your choice of a magenta, pink, black, blue, or yellow cord, are a subtle nod to that special bond neither time nor distance could ever break.

So, what's better than sharing a pair of these gorgeous bracelets with someone you love? Getting a discount on them, of course! Through December 31, 2019, Best Life readers can enjoy 15 percent off their order and free shipping using code BESTLIFE on the She Knew She Could site.

And for those who want to get into the charitable spirit this holiday season, if you share a photo of you and your mom or you and your daughter wearing the bracelets along with a quick story about your relationship, She Knew She Could will donate a bracelet to a women's shelter. Happy shopping!

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