The Sexiest New Shoes for Women

Monika Chiang mixes raw femininity with a refreshingly sharp edge.

"I want women wearing my designs to feel strong, beautiful, and in-charge," says Monika Chiang, the ultra-glamorous New York-born, European-raised designer, who is renowned for her eponymous footwear that never ceases to exude a sexy femininity combined with a sharp, international edge. And if you're wondering whether or not she succeeds, allow me to direct you to her legions of fans, which include names like Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Lopez, and Kylie Jenner.

monika chiang, designer of sexiest new shoes

Chiang's shoes are handcrafted in Florence—the global home of impeccable craftsmanship—and feature materials like exotic skins and supple leathers combined with impeccable hardware.

"I'm designing for style-forward women with a deep appreciation with global influences and details," she says. "Think luxury with some grit to it."

Here we asked the designer to reveal the inspiration behind some of her most irresistible pairs, which she gamely provided.

Blair Leather Thigh Boots

monika chiang boot

$1,295; buy now at

"I love this because this is not a traditional stretch-thigh boot. It's meant to be worn a bit loose and the rich texture and metal zipper up the entire front give it a rock-and-roll edge."

Freya Spazzolato & Chain Booties

monika chiang short heel

$545; buy now at

"This is one of my favorite styles of all time. It's show-stopping but the covered ankle and toe leave a bit of mystery. Since it's not to be worn too snug, it has an effortless, nonchalant cool."

Imena Calf & Chain Sandals

monika chiang tall heel

$795; buy now at

"Red shoes have always picked me up. I know that for women, there are certain pieces that they put on and they feel instantly great and empowered. Red heels have always done that for me."

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